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Michael Robert Lawrence

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Bah why can't I win the lottery...
A few of those for +Gentoo​ build automation, and or +Sabayon​ build automation... it's sick server porn I say...
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An anonymous reader writes: For newer systems utilizing UEFI, running rm -rf / is enough to permanently brick your system. While it's a trivial command to run on Linux systems, Windows and other operating systems are also prone to this issue when using UEFI. The problem comes down to UEFI variables ...
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linux revenge for uefi :))
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Michael Robert Lawrence

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CISSP ,training so the insanity begins @ Computerminds.Com
This test is a mother..f.. Of pain. However I'm up to it.
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Michael Robert Lawrence

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One down , only CENT /CCNA  & CCNA-Security & CISSP to go
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got a good build , got ebuild fixed up for the eapi 6 move
fixed sed to hit all 3 desktop files.

qt4-fsarchiver +fsarchiver makes network backups of system trivial. and or if you have 2 hard drives or external even NTFS USB 5 TB monstrosity ... or though i 3TB /2TB ntfs / ext4

dumping your Sabayon with boot sector is rather painless.
should the "hard drive troll" pay you a visit -- saves hours doing data retrievals.
less of pain as well if you can restore from network share also.
and or its also good at cloning drives.... i've managed to let others translate it into a myriad of languages. as well as mange the ones I've donated.

Dieter Baum's makes it for Debian and a live-cd.

however its aspects for network back up make it good for General IT use... , as it can back up windows with some experimental fsarchiver features, for that fact just about any os.

I'd rather have one live USB that a gazillion so i may eventually twerk a live iso to bloat slightly to add a few toys.

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What a guy! 
Google rewarded Sanmay Ved with a payout after he exposed a flaw that allowed him to buy the company's domain name - but the money hasn't gone to his head
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Michael Robert Lawrence

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quick how-too for burg if anyone cares to meddle.
Michael Robert Lawrence
layman -a wavilen
layman -S
emerge --sync or eix-sync
emerge -av sys-boot/burg
(or USE="+option -optionb" emerge -av sys-boot/burg to set any flags ie ./configure options.... to emerge if available... )
Explicitly during an emerge operation by using the --buildpkg (-b) option;
(Sabayon ) do an emerge --avb sys-boot/burg , equo smart inflate sys-boot/burg , and if you have a local package repo can deploy very easy to many local machines. (setup see wiki for community repo... (Sabayon has binary installs for Gentoo (Built from Gentoo) rigo etc so its easy..)
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Looks like apple's bootloader 
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Michael Robert Lawrence

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ccna hell , i hate subnetting
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Michael Robert Lawrence

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IT training or resources can sometimes be taxing. If your looking for a great community with free training on a lot of different areas including cybersec and pentesting, check out
Cybrary is a completely FREE, forever, online Cyber Security training platform. Learn Information Security, for free and find jobs in the field!
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darling-overlay - Darling overlay for Gentoo Linux
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anyhow it'd have to be built by hand  , however being able to run Some Mac OS stuff per-say might be of use time to time.
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None to fond of Either Ubuntu or "The Evil Empire"
But Linus Torvalds: "The Day Microsoft writes applications on Linux I Win"
I've had no real issues with windows, or dealing with it as a tech (or by not any real alternatives till of late, as a gamer. ) However Microsofts' philosophy Most will agree on the point most don't necessarily like it in the open source Community.
However it's an interesting quandery...

Hopefully if my pockets quit bleeding $, I can get a fresh install on new HD/SSD soon. Plasma 5 looking good...
Move has costed a kings ransom.

With these three publicly known pieces of information our sources claim Microsoft is buying Canonical-Ubuntu. Some key sources in the Linux community have stated this as a great possibility
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Well this will happen soon! All cash cow windoze apps will be moved "in the azure cloud", local os will be inrelevant and this means can be free to download and install and then somehow in a cost control frenzy someone from the business front desk will ask "Why we pour in so much money in an irrelevant thing like a os!? We have linux! Use and make money from it!"

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  • Keller Graduate School of Management,, Computer and Information Securityt
    Master of Science in Management,Information Systems Management and Information Security, 2013 - present
  • ITT Technical Institute
    Bachelors Of Science, Information Systems Security, 2002 - 2005
  • ITT Technical Institute
    Associate of Applied Science, Computer Network Systems, 2000 - 2002
  • US Army Qautermaster School
    Petroleum Engineering And Supply, 1996 - 1996
  • US Army Basic
    1996 - 1996
  • Broad ripple Highschool
    HS Diploma
Basic Information
It's complicated
Computer Geek, Elcecctic , Mavrick, Sarcasticly ,MMO Junkiee....and a Pagan too.....
Currently at  Keller Graduate School of Management (Devry University) For Master of Information Systems Management &concentration Information Security
about, Michael Robert Lawrence, Information Technology Security Consultant
Bachelors of Science in Information Systems Security  2005 , And  AAS Compute Network Systems  2002 From ITT Technical Institute Indianapolis.

Born And Raised In Indianapolis,in
Bragging rights
Severed in The United States Army , And Indiana Army National Guard.
Information Technology , IT Security
  • Ascena Retail
    Technology Systems Engineer, 2014 - present
  • Lonewolf Information Systems LLC
    IT Security Consultant & Owner, 8 - present
  • ITT Corporation
    IT Consultant /Americas Active Directory & Exchange Messaging Server Team, 4 - 5
  • Native Staffing / Siemens' IT Services Group
    IT Consultant, 2 - 1
  • Bell Techlogix
    Bench Technician, 9 - 11
  • Netfor, Inc.
    Help Desk Consultant, 6 - 9
  • US Census Bureau
    Administrative Clerk, 4 - 6
  • Smart-source Inc
    Field Support IT Technician, 7 - 11
  • MurTech Consulting
    IT Feild Consultant, 2 - 4
  • Go2IT Group
    IT Feild Consultant, 9 - 7
  • Kelly Services, Inc.
    Evaluator, 3 - 9
  • Technical Resource & Research Staffing
    IT Technician Consultant, 8 - 6
  • Indiana Army National Guard
    Petroleum Engineer, 8 - 5
  • US Army
    Petroleum Engineer, 3 - 9
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Although a hole in the wall like a number of cantinas in our area, Locals in my neighborhood swear by it. If I'm ratt then the smell of the grub is pied piper. We just moved here, been too broke to try them. But the smell of the grill... Stops you cold evey time you hit up dollar general or subway next door. They'd go bankrupt if man vs food dropped in.
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They Formerly Owned Chang Du by Kroger's on 86th and the Broad Ripple Chinese restaurant If you Like Lamb In a Raft , Empress Chicken , Hot and Sour Soup , and Excellent Jasmine Tea , your in Luck. I used to eat At Chang Du all the time , and the new smaller cafe, They are Master schezwan Chefs. If I won the Lotto , I could eat hear Every day. Seriously its offten that good hear.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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