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Hello all! 

It seems my previous post on this topic was deleted - strange.

Anyway, we've gotten the website redesigned over at We'll be posting results and blogs on that platform for now, and just keep in touch with everyone here on G+. 

Thank you for reading, and for being a part of this adventure!


#Expunged: Possession of CDS from 2013.

#Expunged: Peeping Tom, Domestic Assault & Battery, & Obstructing an Officer from 2006.

#Expunged  Possession of CDS from 2008

#Expunged: Uttering Two or More Bogus Checks from 1995.

#Expunged: Driving Under the Influence (no file) from 1991.

#Expunged: Burglary, 2nd Degree (No File) from 2007.

#Expunged : Felony Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substances from 1999.

#Expunged: Aggravated Assault (unfiled), Rape (dismissed), Kidnapping (probation), Breaking & Entering (dismissed), and three protective orders (all dismissed). 

#Sealed: District Attorney's Disciplinary Action from 2008.
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