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Michael Ringland
Evidence based medicine was my training, so was teaching kids to read. Now I'm old and happy. Don't pity me, I'm beyond pity.
Evidence based medicine was my training, so was teaching kids to read. Now I'm old and happy. Don't pity me, I'm beyond pity.

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I've got the chilli's .... 
19 Best Homemade Hot Sauce Recipes So many options with these top homemade hot sauce recipes. Be sure to gift some to friends and family - they'll love it!

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Each Cockatoo videoed drumming took 100 hours of searching, which in Mosquito infested North Queensland is quite something.
As for me, I'd say Ringo is a better drummer, but he's nowhere as good looking.
If you're into Birds (and I am) check this out.

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My son and I tried the cut out soda bottles on a vertical garden frame. The problem was pumping adequate water through the system, and the entire thing was a failure. If anyone out there has successfully done it, please let me know.
The interest in starting vegetable gardens has sky rocketed in recent years. Starting a vertical vegetable garden is possible for anyone, even if you do not have your own yard for a vegetable garden...

#Gardening #VerticalGardening #VerticalGardeningIdeas

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Just because.

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Causing a moderate degree of concern. This falls into the "more evidence would be beneficial'. We've had fevers for a long time, which does not fully explain the recent increase in Autism.

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Just another reason to trust Science.

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Well worth a look.
A humorous mix of Theresa May and bits of Monty Python's Holy Grail courtesy of ABC News (the Australian one)

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Add gypsum to clay soils as well as compost would be my thoughts, the others seem reasonable. From +Living Off the Grid, an excellent source.
Not matter where you get your gardening advice from, it is a good idea to be sure that your source is reputable and that there is truth behind the claim. Some gardening tips of old have now been proven wrong in light of new discoveries. Let’s look into some of these gardening myths that should be discarded in the light of new findings...

#Gardening #GardeningTips #GardeningMyths

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In which is detailed the reason that regarding Donald Trump as a Russian plant, the electoral process as beyond compromised is not unreasonable.
Regarding factual reporting as an inconvenient truth, or false news is a nonsense. Warning: Big words are used in this report.

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The Saudi's. Friends you have when your knowledge of world events is nil. 
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