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Check out this video on YouTube:
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Michael Rice

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You women out there, you better get hopping because this momma is light years ahead of you. Just think of the look on your boy friend's face when he sees his credit card charges, but more breath taking will be the look on your face when you stand before your Creator totally as you began, trying to explain what you were thinking.

Remember, less than fifty years and the only living things will be carrion scavengers who may tolerate the hydrogen disulfide enriched ocean romantic to lay together remembering how ol T-Rex must of felt as you decay in love. 
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Michael Rice

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Michael Rice

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DNA - Challenge to evolutionary thought.

From the birth of the sign to the development of new words, we’ve investigated many facets of our living language here at the Hot Word, but rarely do we have the opportunity to look at the language of life itself—DNA. As you might remember from 7th-grade science, DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecular structure that stores the genetic code for all life forms.

For the first time, scientists are wondering if this living blueprint is all that DNA can hold. Researcher Nick Goldman of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) has recently stored all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets in DNA, and his synthetic double helix didn’t miss a line.

Because the alphabet of DNA is only four letters long (with A, T, G, C representing the nucleic bases adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine), English was not the best fit for the translation. Instead, researchers focused on binary code (the two-character mathematical system of 1s and 0s used by computers). With this technique Goldman’s team encoded text as well as audio files and images in the DNA macromolecule, including a 26-second audio clip of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, and a photo of the EBI facility. (Get the full story here.)

Molecular geneticist George M. Church first attempted a translation of binary code into DNA at Harvard Medical School by encoding an HTML draft of his recent book Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves. But Church’s cipher was too simple (bases G and T represented 1s while A and C represented 0s), and it resulted in glitches when translating the DNA back into binary code.

Learning from Church’s mistake, Goldman developed a more complex code adapted to DNA’s natural tendency toward genetic variation. Goldman’s code makes every byte (or eight-character binary unit) represent a five-letter word out of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts. These combine to form strings of 117 letters. The DNA “sentences” overlap so that decoders can check against other strings if inconsistencies arises. Thus far the method has resulted in 100% accuracy.

So why bother with all this? What’s the advantage of converting data into DNA when it already exists in books and microchips? The answer is clear when you think about the massive amount of data our society is quickly amassing. If 46 microscopic chromosomes can carry all the information necessary to make a human, think of how many libraries could fit in that space. Goldman’s sequencing of Shakespeare’s Sonnets was microscopically miniscule, and his team believes that they could store all the data from the CERN Particle Physics Laboratory, nearly 90 petabytes (one quadrillion bytes), in just 41 grams of DNA.

But the best case for the DNA data storage is just how long it lasts. “The experiment was done 60,000 years ago,” Goldman told Nature, “when a mammoth died and lay there in the ice.” With this in mind, the extreme longevity of DNA has spectacular implications for the “apocalypse-proof” preservation of data in that our culture and literature could not only be archived, but fossilized. And though sequencing and decoding methods will undoubtedly change, the code in which all life on earth is written probably won’t go out of style in the way cassette tapes gave way to CDs, which in turn gave way to MP3s.

Most importantly, now thanks to DNA data storage, Shakespeare may actually be able to keep the promise he made to his mysterious mistress centuries ago in Sonnet 60:

And yet to times in hope, my verse shall stand
Praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.

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Michael Rice

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The Power of Positive Thinking and Human Extinction - A Real Course in Relativistic Reasoning and Current Life Issues. 
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Michael Rice

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Present Life Extinction #6.  This one like the five others, are all part of earth's natural rythems; it's just that this time homo-sapian is playing the lead role as "The Dinosaur".  Forty-five years until peak. Why? Every look at the world population graph; humans spend more time playing in bed rather than considering the 200,000 years it will take to recovery. Who ever said, "What "I do in my bed room is MY private business; it affects no one but ME"   No Problem!  Now, get your head above your knees and take another look.   "There is a time for every season under heaven, a time for birth and a time to die"  As for me?  I can't wait, ready for my dream ocean kayak trip.  
A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.
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Michael Rice

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Michael Rice

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Grateful to have made it far enough to see the place where Homo sapiens enter the ontological record. In so doing they have made the records in the book of paleontology complete, but heretofore unreadable by those to form the most recent layer.

The read write nature of DNA has made the recollection of nearly 100% of all species part of the Holocene Epoch almost complete. Homo sapien will be the last group with few samples having achieved conscious union with the Originator of M168 as revealed in the Human Genome Project.

So, as the last wave passes by, the purpose is complete, nothing lost save those members of the final species who didn't quite ripen, reach the goal, become the perfect reflection of the Light of their quantum wave front.

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Michael Rice

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Who would think of extraterrestrial ventures, when the majority of the earth's population have no idea of the imminence of the Holocene Event.  If you were among the scientists in government, and knew as they do, that all humans have very little time left to live on earth. Would you announce it on the prime time news, or would you just keep it a ghastly secret that (as most scientists believe) most remaining humans would have no interest in anything that isn't happening in 24 to 48 hours; thus the failure to announce this information is the remaining humans just aren't interested. How could this be true?  Well, when your species prefers to rape a planet and kill off all those who had the skills necessary for humans to live a long (may be not so easy) time, but at least not facing the facts that the source of all our life support is being destroyed by "us".

According to behavioural scientists, information as I stated will not trigger concern or worry at all.  Of the remaining humans, the only ones left amidst seven billion (which is soon to double) don't care.  But in the event there are people who question what has been written.  I do understand, simply do a broad search for "Holocene Event" or "Holocene Extinction" and please skip "Wacky Wiki" as they postulate doing battle with hostile alien beings.Fear Not I Say!!  For the have seen us and they control the minds of all people in Western Nations.  I have seen the advanced evil alien invaders and they are us 

Try searching Scholarly Documents and sources that deal specifically with the issue.  I have compiled some PBS links that are very good and wonder about "National Geographic" as they had published on the issue, but now, all their links to the information have been cut. The more I hear the voice of "National Geographic" the more I hear the reporting on topics that educate people about matters of US interest, oil, induced conflict among Christians who hate war but also hate the idea of their peaceful land being hit with heavy handed oil extraction efforts. In the extinction, humans are compelled to be more like animals as they disregard the morality of others and threaten people with termination of support.  That defines where I am now.  Some thirty or more women organised themselves in an effort to derail my efforts to instil the value of a child's life and mental peace and joy; this along with family unity tied together by love for their children.  I was framed, being accused of teaching New Age junk (Koreans don't even have a concept for the word, simply preferring to say such people ar eventually ill).   

Seems I published this link to my note book; I will check and if it's not there, I will republish. 
"[NASA has] not sent humans beyond the moon in more than 40 years." Do you think the space agency is too risk averse?
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Considering the imminence of human extinction in the Holocene Event (as <or= five decades), giving up any ideas of running from a dying world (give homo sapiens a pat on the back) to a dead world might be a smart move.

It would be typically human to mount an expensive, time consuming extraterrestrial adventure to our neighboring oxygen free planetary frozen desert, where natural life support is impossible; to return to a would where most if not all human life has vanished in an oxygen and water polluted planet just in time to join the last moments for returning human life to die with any groveling dead there to greet or eat the alien chow just flown in. 
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It's very simple. Get a friend to make a smart phone app that posts people's pictures or stories. You make the app strings TOTALLY FREE. Once you get people posting, allow them to pick who c...
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As we are now the dinosaurs were free, as they are now we soon shall be, so let the children play, for no curriculum can prepare kids to suffer the unimaginably gruesome death of the Holocene Extinction, our grim reaper comes in our image, to reap as we have sown. 
Within the protective culture of Korea I would never have discovered the eminent termination of all life on earth. Within the first year of returning to Alaska, I thought, "Their may be hope for human...
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A Father's son going home.

Discovering the joys and frustrations regarding my original material put together with what seems to me to be bits of newspaper and bubble gum used to produce a video, as humbling as it is was, it's a creation recently tagged as theft of someones creation. My recent effort to publish an original sight and sound video about the aurora is the humbling result of being born into a family with a father who traveled all over the world, I had seen 48 of 50 states by age nine. Got involved in a relationship way to early in life which took me back to California from Boston, moved to Scotland, began a walk across the United States that lasted about ten years longer than expected. Eventually tried to follow my father to Iceland and settled in Alaska until my university research took me to Korea where I gave up my U.S. citizenship in order to better help my Korean family. Enjoyed a heaven like existence for 11 years in Korea teaching children.

When I first came to Alaska to see the land my father loved, I thought I had entered heaven, but my time in Korea showed me a different heaven. There is a physical world that reflects the natural beauty many would associate with heaven, and a spiritual / social relationship that many likewise would say emulates the beauty of a divinely inspired human love that most would associate with heaven; the former being Alaska or Iceland and the latter being Korea or China.

I have come back to Alaska after 11 years in Asia for the same reason I first came thirty years ago; I have an appointment with my Father to listen to His voice as I heard it from an island in the middle of a river as ancient as time itself. I have come home to go home.

God said that it's not good for a man to be alone 1 and this was taken care of through my fellowship with the young children I teach. My experience relating with children has been the fulfillment of my life's purpose and I'm positive He never meant for me to make a computer and word processor a substitute for the children I serve. Children who were not just students but more like honest, pure companion or pals. However, since  I'm spending more time writing that relating, I must reevaluate what I have been preparing for these past fifteen years, .

Based upon the traffic indicators connected to what I write, it is best if I have mercy on the infinitesimal population of those who may have stumble upon these writings which have served as a self-deluding pacifier for one whose “soul” relationship has meaning as it thrives in and by its beautiful relationship and love for the only one deserving of my attention. I have spent fifteen years basically writing love letters to God who saved my life and even now prepares me for a promise and a secret I have kept through this Love in His true identity when He came as the Son of Man.

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My Father's Loves
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  • Massachusetts Instute of Technology
    Optical Physics, 2009
    Special opportunity provided me during my last two High School years. I decided that the field of electronics was of greatest interest with many excellent instructors and one professor of physics who reverted to teach High School simply because he enjoyed working with young people. Between his observations of my interest in Holographic Technique and the Instructors in the electronics lab at the school, they both tried to resolve how to help me with a topic they knew little about. After a few weeks of private discussion, they concluded that having me attend MIT during my High School hours would be a major move forward in the effort to help expand my understanding After so,e
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