More good news in the telescope and Linux combination. Not only did I get autoguiding to work under Linux, and not only did I get images to instantly download from my Canon 350D to Linux instantly so that I can preview on something other than the tiny screen, but I just got in my Celestron cable and my rs232-usb cable, and successfully got them to work using Stellarium to select an object and slew. One step closer to a sentient life form automated telescope. Getting closer and closer to having full control over my telescope via computer.

Why is that awesome? I suppose if you have to question it then you don't quite understand the addiction of astronomy and astrophotography. After polar aligning and all-star alignment I can control everything (except focus, and long exposures) via my computer. The long exposures I use an intervalometer so I'm not too worried about having computer control over that... yet, give it time and I'll want that too. Focus is another thing I'm not too worried about having computer control over... again, give it time. 

Really the plus side to it all is that I wanted to have these abilities for astrophotography purposes, and for joining +Global Star Party hangouts to share live views of deep sky images. Everything has tested successfully and I'm ready to participate in bringing galaxies, clusters, and nebulae to the public through the awesomeness that is G+ star parties. Now all I need is the skies to cooperate and rid me of these clouds. Of course the clouds came packaged in the cables I ordered since they are for astronomy purposes. They typically ship a minimum of a weeks worth of clouds for every astronomy related item you purchase.

Brace yourselves winter is coming long exposure deep sky objects are coming to you live in the near future.
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