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Michael Rayel

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Michael Rayel

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Not all true friends will come when you invite them for dinner. But all true friends will uplift your spirit when you're down.

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This is a vicious ugly drama. I don't expect my friends, I wouldn't want my friends to put themselves in harm's way. I keep my distance from them because of love and respect for their privacy. My friends, my actual true friends know what the meal is about. We ate when and where there was PEACE. There is no peace; no reason to eat.
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Michael Rayel

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Thank you for this post!!!!
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Michael Rayel

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Michael Rayel

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Author. Entrepreneur. Psychiatrist.

Author. Entrepreneur. Psychiatrist.

As an author, I have written self-help and how-to articles and books on mental health, psychiatry, and parenting. Last February 2014, I released the first book of the Shrink Series entitled First Aid Tips for Depression: Overcoming depression in 4 simple steps. Likewise, First Aid Tips for Anxiety: 4 crucial steps to overpower anxiety was released last April 19, 2014. Other titles are coming soon. As well, my Shrink video series has been live since December 2013. For updates, visit my official site.

Since the early 2000s, I have authored several books to help ABPN exam candidates clear the tough psychiatry certification hurdle. Some of my publications include: Passing Strategies, Successful Preparation for the Psychiatry Oral Exam, Clinical Vignettes and Module for ABPN 2, and Psychiatry Oral Boards Review for ABPN 2. Also since 2012, my new ebook series Psychiatry Certification Examination Review Series for the Clinical Psychiatry Component has been well-received. The series' mini versions are now available on Amazon.

My A 31-Day Success Principles for Kids and Teens and A 31-Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens have received rave reviews. 

As a game inventor, I've created the Oikos Game Series (emotional and social skills family board games) and other other games such as Fikloo and Actus Tale - both party games; Wordigy, Wordigy Jr., and IzSip Challenge - all word games. 

A few years ago, I established the CARE Approach as first aid for mental health and EQ Webinar for Parenting, Personal, and Career success. 

To learn more about my interests and views, you may visit my blog Shrink Your Troubles Away.

For more information, visit our sites:

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