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This Sentra looks better equipped than my Acura. Step your game up Honda/Toyota
Starting with the 2013 Altima, Nissan will be launching five all-new products in the United States over the next 15 months. And while the sedan you see
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Ugh, I really hope they make the SE-R it's own car or don't bother making one at all.
Yeah, this definitely isn't the basis for anything performance related. Not that the last generation was either. But, I guess that money would be better spent on making a Silvia successor than what would likely be a half attempt at a performance FWD model.
I would rather a Silvia over the half ass Sentra SE-R. RWD will be awesome again.
Yeah, the SE-R hasn't really been great since the B13, and not really even good since B15.
Looks like Nissan finally wants to take the segment seriously*. At least in the pic looks more premium than the Cruze or Elantra.

*Note: not se-riously.
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