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This may be suicide and I'm no "Hillary lover", but if you can't largely agree with this, then it was written for you and I'm seriously on my way to becoming an expat to prepare for the scenario where he wins, so here are the words I wish I'd written (maybe not quite so hateful, but the anger and bewidlerment resonates):

If you think you know me even a little and don't understand my position here, then I think you aren't paying attention to what's staring you in the face. I rarely stand on an opinion as fact, but this will be one of those times. This man scares me.

Read the list and tell me with a straight face that this isn't Trump:

For the record, I'm not voting for either Trump or Clinton because I WILL NOT be sucked into the 2-party game and there's another candidate I think is more aligned with my values AND I don't fear is likely to put the US at clear risk. I'm not going to say who because my point isn't to convince others who to vote for, but I will no longer keep my opinion about Trump quiet.

Drew Magary wants a word with anyone who's about to be on the wrong side of history.
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Have a valid CDL, live in the Phoenix metro area and looking for a permanent position for $15/hr + benefits? Send me a private message with info I can pass along.
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This Tumblr user documented his entire first week working as a cashier at Target. His weird interactions and humorous observations will make you laugh.
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If you haven't experienced +Oculus Rift or Vive (REAL VR) yet, I highly suggest you get schedule for a free demo of the Rift EVEN IF you think you'll never want to get into VR, because you cannot know what others will be talking about until you have. VR done right is as visceral as a smell or taste and cannot be described adequately.
#vr   #oculusrift  
Get your first glimpse of virtual reality with an in-store Rift demo! Choose your preferred location and time here.
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Literally a magic school bus.
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Today is the 25th anniversary of the Linux-0.01 release, I do believe.

Normally the anniversary is counted from the announcement email (August 25), because that was the actual public statement of intent. The 0.01 code drop happened a couple of weeks later, and wasn't publicly announced.
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Apple wants to "move into the future" and not "teather themselves" and see "how good a wireless experience can be", so they removed the wires from their earbuds, but STILL don't have wireless charging?

roll eyes

STILL 1080p too? Really? So much for a VR future for the iPhone 7. I really thought Apple would finally seize a chance to get themselves back in the mobile market.

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Lool !
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Can anyone explain to me what +Google​ is thinking by making #GoogleHangouts on Android a worse experience (removing merged conversations) and trying to force me to use an additional apps such as Messenger or Allo? Why would I adopt a second application and have to worry about who uses what when I could just switch entirely is something like WhatsApp and ditch Hangouts instead? Seriously, who the hell is too confused by merged conversations? If it was under used it was probably for the same reasons that G Plus was underused; Google failed to make it clear and/or unintuitive; not because it wasn't valuable or useful.

Much like happened with G+, I saw a good service and Google failed to entice enough people to use it and so despite my efforts to bring people to it, it looks like I'm going to have to ditch it in the end. For years I've loved all the change and Innovation that Google has brought to my life but more and more I'm starting to understand the draw of Apple's slow and stale but consistent offerings.

Wave, Notebook, Picnik, Reader and now Hangouts is heading that way (ditched in favor of Messenger/Allo). Will G+ be gone soon too?

Over the years I've been continuously surprised by the lack of Enterprise support from Google. Now I'm starting to think Google doesn't want to maintain its end users either. Is everything shifting over to Google Cloud and self-driving cars? Is the Google we know disappearing? Should I put away my Nexus 6p and watch the next iPhone release more closely?

Am I blowing things out of proportion? Maybe a little, but this is years of little things adding up.

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I completely agree!
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Canceled the +GoDaddy discount domains club MONTHS ago thanks to Google Domains and JUST got billed for cash parking because it's setup to auto-renew (it was a free service under the club), without any warning and I'm "out of the refund period" just 11 days later (as I finally caught the email notice and figured out what was going on).

Not at all shady or questionable GoDaddy. eye roll

Really, I'm very surprised you guys would pull something like that. Between all the other crap I've had to wade through to manage my domains, the new policy on shared management (now both parties must pay for premium DNS management) and now this, why in the world WOULDN'T I move over to Google where it's cheaper (no extra fees for private registration) and INFINITELY more simple?

You've been nickel-diming the world and making a fortune, but you better adapt with the times or you'll become just as irrelevant as you were successful.
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Jamming to Smashing Pumpkins on KUPD between hospitals. They said to, "break a leg", so I did! +Shannon Hernandez

#broken #livinglife #kupd #smashingpumpkins
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Smashing Pumpkins for life!
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Jim is a pro in every sense and though they're small, they really go the extra mile to make up for it.
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I beautiful location, especially during Lollapalooza; when there's more to do and see than there is time in the day.
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