Every day I am becoming more and more serious about taking the Web Tools Wiki forward to where it becomes an amazing portal of information about the internet that we can all be proud of. 

However there is no possible way I can do this by myself so I need you on our growing team. Wiki by the way means "a collaboration" in Hawaiian. A Web Tool" is anything that is useful and connects with the World Wide Web. Skype, Gmail, Mural.ly, Triberr, Hootsuite  for example. I have paid out over $30,000 so far to people who have contributed to this Wiki. Last week I paid over 30 different people. In the next month I will pay over 300. The Web Tools Wiki is like Wikipedia and is about the internet. Unlike Wikipedia we are highly interactive. We have tips and alternatives and we also answer questions and have a chat function. We also pay contributors and people who find other contributors. Wikipedia has tens of thousands of unpaid contributors. I see people blogging about and answering tech related quetions for free everyday. Why should they not get paid? We have built about 800 pages of reasonable standard so far and have made a solid start on around 1500 more. I hope that we will have 10,000 pages by the end of they year and 25,000 by mid March. Our visitor numbers are increasing fat and soon we will reach a magic point where tools and app and websites will pay us to promote them. In most bases they want to give away free trials or simply get users we will help facilitate that.

My dream and vision is of empowering people to spend less time online and more with their friends and family and with nature. There are thousands of tolls our there which will give you more time. The Web Tools Wiki is your pathway. I also dream of empowering for example a 16 year old entrepeneur trapped for generations in poverty in land locked Swaziland. With a few basic tools and strategies they can go online at say their local library and begin a business selling American luxury goods to Americans. With the right tools anything is possible!

Around 10,000 hours have now been put into developing the content in the site by about 20 different people. I have paid out over $30,000 so far in varying amounts to these people. I am now committed to paying out a further $30,000 by February 15 and I firmly believe that by then our site will be incredible. 3 more months of content creation and promotion and we will will be well on our way. By Feb 15 we will have 3000 members all of whom will have been paid something. I made our first advertising sale this week and just 59 more similar sales will achieve that $30,000 goal.In addition to this affiliate marketing revenue is dripping in daily at an increasing pace. 90% of all revenue is being out to members. My basic expectation is that you will spend 15-30 minutes a day contributing in some way to our site. If we can even get 100 people doing that over the next 3 months we will be unstoppable. 

I will add various maps and videos here so that you can get a better and better idea of how this will work for you.
The basic plan is 300 members paid something by December 15 and also given invites to help find 3000 more members by February 1. Then another 10,000 in the next 6 weeks with a view to going public on March 15 with a party at SXSW in Austin.

Today I will also be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for developing our own dedicated site and app also in time for the public launch in Mid March. This will cost around $50,000 to build. I am also initiating a logo competition on 99 designs. Right now we are very much in Alpha testing mode and the initial downline of 300 people is being done by hand. We are doing our project management in a Facebook group, Google+ hangouts and via Unlimited You Education. 

First steps if you with to contribute are to join our Unlimited You Education project team.

Please make 3 maps. Your value map (so that we can learn the way that you can best contribute to the Web Tools Wiki) and your initial dream UYE downline (say 5-10 people). Add me as a contributor to your downline map and we will work together to build your team. Please also add your paypal and/or coin wallet link to your map to facilitate interim payments before our back office system is built.You should also add a link to a Google document which you share with me so that we can interact inside UYE. Your 3rd map will be your workflow map please also make me a contributor/ editor so that we can interact about your Web Tools Wiki tasks.
Then request to join our Facebook group and our Google+ community (see detail and video explanation in the blog post)

What type of skills to we need? What type of people do we want you to add to your downlines?

Affiliate marketers/ 
Graphic designers/
Tech bloggers/
Email marketers with huge lists/
Network marketers especially ones who are succeeding via social media activity
( I will add to this list soon).

What type of tasks are require in order to take the Web Tools Wiki forward?

Creation of social signals via the share buttons on each page. 
Tips and alternatives on our List.ly lists
Explanation video and slideshares about the various tools
Asking and answering of frequently asked questions
Sales of advertising packages to tools and apps and websites (you get paid 50% of any revenue you introduce).
SEO tagging of list.ly lists, featured images in our site and more
Branded images for sharing online from our site.

Advancements in the next few days will include tracking "capture" pages that you can promote to find advertisers and be paid out 50% when they advertise on our site. We will also be exploring other potential revenue streams including an App add exchange for half built apps. We will add our own social network to the site as well. We will also have a section in the site for submitting information on new tools startups and feature them by way of a rotating banner. 

When you have awesome content on something that the majority of people want to know about and when you tap into the power of a team of hundreds then thousands of contributors, promoters and salespeople anything is possible.Thank you for the support everyone who ha participated so far it means so much. Am making a mock up slideshare today which will provide a step by step process for how you can participate best. Every day I am getting a stronger and stronger visualisation of how this will work. This post will be heavily amended and updated regularly.

To our joint success and also the success of that kid in Swaziland


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