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Nice Job Michael you deserve it. You are in my circles.
Thanks so much Ross. It has really encouraged me to get even more active on here!
Wow nice job. Now that you mention it, I might as well add you. . . ;)
Had shared this earlier but did it again for two reasons. One its a very useful list and must do to spread the word around and two Micheal's in the list. So ... Congrats +Michael Q Todd !!!
WHO WROTE THIS? Do some proof reading, people!
Thank You Michael for the very usefull information
More comments on the article (directly on the Social Media Today site) would also help its leaderboard status.
you deserve to be on that list Michael, you tirelessly work to assist others, it's only right that you receive recognition!
It's now in the Social Media Today leaderboards as the 5th most popular article! Soon to be 4th!
Thanks Michael! Glad to learn about Blue Ocean Strategies with David Jacobs - one of the 10 !
This was so AWESOME!! Way to go Michael
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