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Many of the most beautiful scenes of nature come in winter. The combination of snow and ice and water is breathtaking. So often these types of scenes are not easily accessible so we have to give much thanks to the people who bring these to us

Waterfalls are commonly formed when a river is young. At these times the channel is often narrow and deep. When the river courses over resistant bedrock, erosion happens slowly, while downstream the erosion occurs more rapidly. As the watercourse increases its velocity at the edge of the waterfall, it plucks material from the riverbed. Whirlpools created in the turbulence as well as sand and stones carried by the watercourse increase the erosion capacity. This causes the waterfall to carve deeper into the bed and to recede upstream. Often over time, the waterfall will recede back to form a canyon or gorge downstream as it recedes upstream, and it will carve deeper into the ridge above it. The rate of retreat for a waterfall can be as high as one and half meters per year.

Often, the rock stratum just below the more resistant shelf will be of a softer type, meaning that undercutting due to splashback will occur here to form a shallow cave-like formation known as a rock shelter under and behind the waterfall. Eventually, the outcropping, more resistant cap rock will collapse under pressure to add blocks of rock to the base of the waterfall. These blocks of rock are then broken down into smaller boulders by attrition as they collide with each other, and they also erode the base of the waterfall by abrasion, creating a deep plunge pool or gorge.

Streams become wider and shallower just above waterfalls due to flowing over the rock shelf, and there is usually a deep area just below the waterfall because of the kinetic energy of the water hitting the bottom. Waterfalls normally form in a rocky area due to erosion. After a long period of being fully formed, the water falling off the ledge will retreat, causing a horizontal pit parallel to the waterfall wall. Eventually, as the pit grows deeper, the waterfall collapses to be replaced by a steeply sloping stretch of river bed. In addition to gradual processes such as erosion, earth movement caused by earthquakes or landslides or volcanoes can cause a differential in land heights which interfere with the natural course of a water flow, and result in waterfalls.

A river sometimes flows over a large step in the rocks that may have been formed by a fault line. Waterfalls can occur along the edge of a glacial trough, where a stream or river flowing into a glacier continues to flow into a valley after the glacier has receded or melted. The large waterfalls in Yosemite Valley are examples of this phenomenon, which is referred to as a hanging valley. Another reason hanging valleys may form is where two rivers join and one is flowing faster than the other. Waterfalls can be grouped into ten broad classes based on the average volume of water present on the fall (which depends on both the waterfall's average flow and its height) using a logarithmic scale. Class 10 waterfalls include Niagara Falls, Paulo Afonso Falls and Khone Falls.

Classes of other well-known waterfalls include Victoria Falls and Kaieteur Falls (Class 9); Rhine Falls and Gullfoss (Class 8); Angel Falls and Dettifoss (Class 7); Yosemite Falls, Lower Yellowstone Falls and Umphang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall (Class 6); Sutherland Falls (Class 5).

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omg hallairious
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Why super heroes are not online so often?

#Humor   #funny   #technology
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Love it. Especially Spidey :)
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Michael Q Todd

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Fun fake composite photo from Japan
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Sunset double view
Photo by Gary Luhm Tipsoo Lake at Mt. Rainier National Park
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Most beautiful!
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Stormy Tide  
Photography by Galen Burow #lightning #sea #storm
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Compelling +Michael Q Todd 
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Michael Q Todd

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Beautiful Romania
Bigar Romania. Located in the nature reserve in the Anina Mountains, the amazing waterfall is a unique one. 

Romania’s national and natural parks, displaying a unique variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, protect some of the largest remaining areas of pristine forest in Europe. Grasslands, gorges, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes, and extensive river network add to the richness of the park system that also includes the Danube Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Europe’s largest wetland.
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Thanks for sharing. 
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Michael Q Todd

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This made me laugh
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That is so funny.
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Beautiful beautiful water.

Half a mile from the county fair
And the rain keep pourin' down
Me and Billy standin' there
With a silver half a crown

Hands are full of a fishin' rod
And the tackle on our backs
We just stood there gettin' wet
With our backs against the fence

Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Hope it don't rain all day

And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like Jelly Roll
And it stoned me
And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like goin' home
And it stoned me

Then the rain let up and the sun came up
And we were gettin' dry
Almost let a pick-up truck nearly pass us by
So we jumped right in and the driver grinned

And he dropped us up the road
We looked at the swim and we jumped right in
Not to mention fishing poles

Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Let it run all over me


On the way back home we sang a song
But our throats were getting dry
Then we saw the man from across the road
With the sunshine in his eyes

Well he lived all alone in his own little home
With a great big gallon jar
There were bottles too, one for me and you
And he said Hey! There you are

Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Oh, the water
Get it myself from the mountain stream
~Van Morrison
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+Sarah zBleuMoon thanks!!!!! God Bless!!!
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Patagonian Sky
 Gregory Boratyn Photography
A beautiful shot of Cuernos del Paine mountains in Torres Del Pine National Park, Patagonia, Chile.
#Chile #CuernosdelPaine #Patagonia
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Galápagos sharks swim through slivers of light coming from a research boat in a lagoon in the Mozambique Channel. 

German and South African photographer Thomas Peter Peschak was part of the expedition to census the population of this vulnerable shark species.
"Not having to use underwater strobes or a flash meant it was possible to convey a sense of the nocturnal scene," Peschak said in a statement.

This lagoon—the Galápagos shark's only known nursery—is one of the few places where the species is found beyond the Pacific.
Found on
#sharks   #underwaterphotography   #nightphotography   #galapogas   #galapogasshark  
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Nice scene under sea water level!!!!!marvelous creation of God!!!! Praise the name of the Lord!!!!!!God Bless!!!!
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Michael Q Todd

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Photography by Mauro Tronto
A magic sunset in front of the Matterhorn 
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Stunning! +Michael Q Todd 
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Have him in circles
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I have been interacting with Oliver from ABV for around 2 a half years now on an almost daily basis. I can testify for his passion and his commitment and the quality of this cause and organisation. Please take n interest in what they are doing you will not regret it
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