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Once upon a time, there was a peaceful mountain village. It was blessed with a holy pond, inhabited by a pair of mermaids. Sisters eternal, they loved nothing more than to help the villagers using their great wisdom.

"Obey us in all things, no matter how strange," they said. "What we will ask you to do may alarm you, but it is for your benefit, and your village will prosper." And so it did.

But if that were the end of the tale, you wouldn't be here.

Shadow of the Demon Lord has a neat turn sequence. First the party has a chance to make a 'fast turn', a single quick action. They can run somewhere, shoot somebody, cast a spell, etc. They go in any order they like. Then it's the enemy's chance for fast turns.

Then it's back to the party. Any PCs who didn't take a fast turn can take a slow turn instead - run and shoot, get out a bow and fire it, climb a ladder and cast the spell. Then the enemies get their slow turn.

This is simple, has a very quick handling time, but also gives you an interesting tactical choice each turn.

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Finally decided to do something with the root of my site, turning it into a sort of index into the blog and elsewhere.

Has anyone adapted Monsterhearts 2 for playing with the family? (Kids 11 and 13.) I think Turn Someone On would be pretty weird in a family game but there's lots of potential otherwise.

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An overdue Trilemma adventures map update, now in a GM's version and an Atlas version (with all the adventure names removed).

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Going to Fan Expo Toronto. If you want to, say hi!

Is there some virtual table top that solves this problem?
I'm the GM. I say there's a large iron rod here. In as long as it takes to type 'large iron rod' and no more than ten extra key strokes, I've defined this as an object in the world, and given it an encumbrance value of '6'.

Sarah sees it immediately, with nothing more than a swipe of her mouse, puts it in her inventory. Her total encumbrance is automatically recalculated. She puts it down again, and Adnan picks it up. His encumbrance is also automatically recalculated.

They both put it down, and say they're leaving. The GM quickly defines a 'room' to put the iron bar in, swipes it into there, and tucks that 'room' away from the play space.

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Jeez, if anybody's struggling with updating Blogger links in the wake of Dropbox getting rid of the Public folder, check out this tool. So handy.

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Looking for a quick way to buy influence in Owlshade? They're taking gold at the Basilica, if you can stomach the smell. (Also, try not to kick off the apocalypse while you're there.)

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Don't wake the monoliths.
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