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Discussion  - 
Who's in charge of this community?
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Is there really no Dwimmermount community? 
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That would be great if you could. Thank you!
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Michael Pfaff

Spells, Mutations, & Patrons  - 
Has anyone done a Fire & Brimstone style Christian patron yet?
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Naw, I had the same thing happen earlier, as well.
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
How would you set up an encounter like a Horde Mode in Gears in War but for D&D?
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Hi, I am at work right now and not a native speaker, so forgive me my mistakes.

you could read up on the Rules for Horde combat in the Deathwatch RPG.

Goes somewhat alonge the lines of this:
If you go in Meele, you will get damage, and you reduce a overall "Hitpoint" value called Magnitude.
If they have lots they do lots of damage. You can disperse them by powers, intimidation, Ranged and melee combat.

other ways to make hordes interesting (in my book) is to treat the situation, insted of shoving miniaturs across the table.

The thing is: Killing 100 monsters looses its edge half across the battle.
Make battles meaningful.
Retrieve a prisoner, poison the caption.
get to the Horn of Helms Deep and let it rise.
Get through the Battlefield to heal the Commanding officer.
Rally the troops.

Short: Have an uneven number of points that can be accomplished by the characters with everything thewy can use (skills, magic, Damage, knowledge, stealing Catapults...)
And then make taking these points center stage.

Here are some slipshot Ideas from the Top of my head:

Use Enemies as enviroment: Make a Save every turn (Players choice, depending on style and situation or dictated by DM.
If you do not succeed you take damage ad from some enviromental hazard.
You attack each round, as you usually would, Extra attack and all.
But you reduce the AC of the monsters by... 2 or something. Because you nearly cant miss... they are so many.

Use the word magnituse. so all enemies share one Hitpoint pool.

For every 20 HP (or so) the Magnitude goes down.
So spells like sleep or fireball can be used as much as a charm or terrifying spell or tentacles on the ground.

Options for magnitude:

Reckless Horde: The Horde can deal extra damage or maybe take additional actions if they sacrifice hitpoints... Like when the orcs or undead (undead orcs?) just keep storming the deathtrap of a gate ord across the wide open battlefield.

Cautious Horde: Horde does not loose AC and cannot deal damage.
but they stack people in your way. So you dont get to move until you reduce a certain amount of magnitude

Dispatching Elites
The horde spits out a few of its own.
Reduce magnitude by amount of monsters you pit against the PCs.
Enviormental horde damage ceases. Magnitude cannot be attacked.
PCs must flee or deal with "a normal combat".

Build a random table:
Everytime anyone rolls a 1 or a 20 something good or bat happens for one of the sides.
make 6 events for PCs Side and horde alike, roll on a D6 when conditions are met.


PC options:
Find a safespot.
Either use a spell, or find some hillside or cave nobody can see you.
Must first "trick" or divert horde, or give up progress, due to find a space for a short rest and keep it restful for everyone involved.

Somebody elses problem:
Use Soldiers from PCs side to take on sidequests... one magnitude of PCs side just takes out (or at least binds) megnitude on the other...
So do not only have an uneven number of Victory points but secondary ones.
PCs can deal with that wihing a few round if they reach it. or the dispatch an army of their own.


Magnitude scenarios:

-City is in civil war... everywhere are crowds of people, chasing the other side of the conflict, or looking for the witch or something.

-The undead rise and fall... and rise again

-My point beeing, a Battle must not take hours... this mechanic can abstractly handle if you try to traverse a vast city that is on the loose for days...
Roll stealth or dex save everytime the group moves to a significant point... encounter the horde when you fail.
Talk to political leaders as a skill challenge (or to reach them)
Steal the Corpus delicti, while the whole town wants your head. try to redeem your name (or that of the pontifex).
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Michael Pfaff

Resources and Tips  - 
Anyone have any tips for generating and using a Voronoi diagram overlay for a map? I'm using Photoshop and have my map mostly created, but wanted to use a Voronoi overlay instead of a hex or square pattern. 
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+Benjamin Kramer Good idea. Looks like it can be saved as an image if you right-click.
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Goodman Games After Parties at GenCon: where do I find out info about location / time? 
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Hey all! About to kick off a Labyrinth Lord (using AEC) Dwimmermount campaign. What's some good advice to get off to a great start? Also, what are the best moments in your game thus far?
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+Jake Feltham luckily my players love mapping! And I have the dungeon tracker. Good tips! 
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Retiring a character - to safety.

So, the way I'm reading this, the "to safety" part in the book really is about safe from the MC. But, what if the other players are looking to enact vengeance on a PC that was retired to safety?

In my game, a PC made enemies of most of the other PCs in the game. Then, took Retire to Safety (probably to get out of the fallout of making enemies) and started a new character. However, the PCs still want to get even with the retired PC.

How would you handle this?

AW 2E says this:

“To safety” means two things. First, it means the retiring character’s
safety: as MC, you promise not to kill her off just because now she’s yours and technically you could. No fair decorating your up-and-coming new warlord’s pike with her head.

Second, it means the player’s characters’ safety: as MC, you promise not to turn her into their enemy, just because now she’s yours and technically you could. No fair making her be your up-and-coming new warlord either."

Which, to me, seems like it makes the PC off limits to the MC, but not to other PCs.
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That's actually a pretty good way to deal with it. So, not such a great analogy.
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Running for my first time this Sunday! Excited, but nervous. A lot to digest. What are your best tips for a one-shot of Night Witches?

As a follow-up, are there any really good actual play examples out there (preferably, audio / video)?
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There is a really great Night Witches one shot scenario that involves character creation. I used it with my group and it was a great way to introduce the game and the rules. You can get it at this link:
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Looking for a Kinslayer move for my Fallen Empires (with some stuff from AW:Dark Age mixed in) game, inspired by the curse and taboo in ASOIAF.

Here's what I have, but not entirely loving it:

When you *slay a kinsman*, fill in all the come back or change playbook options under wounds that you have not used yet. You are doomed to die.

Any other ideas for a Curse of the Kinslayer?
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+Vincent Baker, nice. Knew I had seen something like that somewhere before.

Here's my oath move:

When you swear an oath to someone, say the words and make your pledge. When you uphold that oath, take +1 to any rolls you make in the upholding. If you fail to uphold the oath, the MC holds 1 and may spend it to make a hard move at any time.
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Any awesome Star Wars maps out there? I'm looking less for ships and more bases, hideouts, temples, cities, etc. for adventure locales. Thanks!
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DramaScape has quite a few SciFi and some Modern maps that could be of use.

Ice Base Nivayoche or Ice Wall could be used as an ice base or city on Hoth  

Our SciFi Outpost could work well as a city or base on Tatooine

I'm sure you could find some use for this here Relay Station Zero on a rocky/desert world.

SciFi Steel Foundry could be useful for a location of an industrial complex on Mustafar

If you don't mind black and white blueprint maps this fully operational space station may be of use.

DramaScape has well over 75+ maps available in our science fiction section so I am sure you will find something of use there.
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Michael Pfaff

Discussion  - 
Is anyone working on a 5E Tekumel product?
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I wrote my own 1st ed AD&D hack of EPT.
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