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We hate our freedom and we must be stopped to protect us.
The FBI wants to undermine encryption in a way that would "weaken online security for everyone." -- Trevor Timm 

Oligarchs are often not terribly wealthy. Oligarchs do not seek to own wealth. Oligarchs *control* wealth by controlling organisations and institutions that own wealth.

Shell games.

Travels over, journeys completed, good night's sleep had, now back to my work. :)

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Note to self. :)

Do you hear that sound of bared fist and closed door, of boots and tanks, and now of drones sowing to the wind?

Do you hear the shots and the explosions, the whimpers and screams, and now of bombs falling that are the whirlwinds we are reaping?

We have chosen to allow those in power over us to cultivate fear on all sides that they have found are empowering for themselves. We are now paying the price for allowing them to do that. And they are now using that additional power to start the cycle once again to gain even more power.

Will we finally rise up en masse and say, 'Enough!'? If not now, when? If not you, who?

A small cluster of people with deeply skewed people beleive that their tribe should kill your tribe. So they want to provoke the war where that happens, by enraging us into attacking not them but those around them.

If we do this, they win.

They want us to change our lives in recognition of and in honour of the fear and terror they hope to inspire. They want us to make our lives change because they exist.

If we do this, they win.

Men and women in power want to use this as an excuse to take more money and more power from all of us and gather it to themselves. They are enabled by engaging with this skewed worldview. And they will intensify panic to use it against us.

If we do this, they win.

Live your one precious life. Love those around you. Give and receive love. Respect the lives of others. *Live*. Don't let them win.

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While you're distracted by the fight over Christmas coffee cups, this is still happening.

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Probably cures cancer and the common cold too.  Probably.*

*not probably. almost certainly not.

One of my very favourite things is telling someone who wants to lose weight they should eat chocolate. :D

The problem is not *that* one eats chocolate.  The problem (as well as the solution) is *how* one eats chocolate. :D

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