The TurboGears team is proud to announce the release of TurboGears 2.1.5!

This release has many new features and bugfixes, all of them listed below. Due to issues with getting 2.2 released, we have chosen to produce another 2.1 based released. As a result, this release will be the final 2.1.x release, and the final release that will support Python 2.4.

We strongly recommend you upgrade. We are seeing benefits of newer template engines and faster response speeds, and it's only going to improve.

* Backport template rendering parameters from 2.2
* Add hook for render calls to be able to hook even partials
* Test unit for validation messing hooks
* Improved Jinja template support for Python 2.4
* Avoid running wrong decoration hooks when controller is switched due to a validation error
* Permit to avoid doctype injection when manually rendering templates with tg.render.render
* Added new new command (tgdevelop tgdeps) to setup.cfg to help with creating a good working virtualenv.
* Added jinja2 template loader with dotted notation.
* Fixed multiple paginators in same page
* Fixed missing tw.forms dependency when auth is disabled´╗┐
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