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Okay, so I've been an idiot. I've been using Dropbox for a long time, and been mostly pleased with it. I've had some minor quibbles here and there, but nothing major.

Then, with Google Drive coming out, I saw something I liked: Being able to integrate everything. Yay! And then they have no Linux support. WTF?

Today, I looked at Ubuntu One. I can get everything I need, and have it all working, and not have to struggle. It's easier to install than Dropbox. It's 1/3 the cost.

Sorry, Dropbox, but I'm dropping my paid account no later than a week from now.
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The terms of service with google drive is pretty messed up. Basically you grant the copyright on anything you upload and license to do with whatever they please - forever.

Meaning you are granting them a commercial license on anything and everything you put on gdrive.

I think many people will be looking to not use gdrive. Owncloud is usually what I see people mention as a better option.
Read articles like that before. It misses the point. Gdrive has one of the worst licenses of all I've read. For some people gdrive is simply a legal non-starter.

Articles like that are misplaced at best. Rationalizing a commercial license and pretending its something else is a common notion being parroted by many a bog.
Btw, that was owncloud, not icloud. I dont use it and am admittedly turned off by the fact it appears to be php...but I have heard good things about.
For me, right now, it's a technical non-starter. I can't use it. I like what I'm seeing for Ubuntu one, though, it covers all the uses I have. Just glad I don't have a Mac.
My only issue with Ubuntu One is the endless update-sync. If I modify a file in a synced folder, the file begins syncing as it should, but it then never seems to stop syncing until I log out. Or, at least, the I can't seem to make the notification icon go away. It could be just the notification icon. Ubuntu is getting less and less friendly with UIs other than Unity and I prefer Gnome3.

Also be aware that Ubuntu One is not well supported in any other distro, including those based on Ubuntu. If you ever decide to switch, you could be stuck hanging or scripting your syncs (not a problem for you, but it is for some).

I have been looking at for my backup, storage and archival needs. Rsync works, is relatively easy to set up, and is not some goofy Canonical-supported-only thingy. And the price is right.
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