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I'd like to place an order for December, 2015, please. One winter, light on the snow.
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I would like to place an order for Feb 2016.. I'd like a winter, hold the frostbite.
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Michael Pedersen

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SitRep: Operation Rick Roll

A short time ago, the Enlightened started hearing rumors of a “blue flood”, an effort to recreate the 1955 Flooding of the Delaware River. Naturally, we had to respond to this. We needed to make this blue flood into a drizzle.

Plans were made to put a field over their efforts, and then begin harassment throughout the day. Teams were set up at various points along the Delaware, starting in Port Jervis, NY. People went out in the snow, with roads being an absolute mess, and dealt with freezing temperatures, to make this happen.

Since waiting for people to eventually make their way down the river makes for a very boring day, we also threw together a couple of fields to put up over the “blue flood”. This saw us cover a total of 1,449 square miles in northwestern NJ, northeastern PA, and even parts of southern NY state. Total MUs were impressive (for the area) at 221,013 MUs (plus about 6000, but we don't have the MU count anymore for the third field). Our longest link was 72.8 miles. Regrettably, we didn’t have the time properly plan (and gather keys for) layered fields. Perhaps next time.

One of our agents had the heater in his car fail. He had to leave an anchor point unattended just to find out if he got to keep his toes. He sat in urgent care for over an hour getting his feet warmed up, and managed to avoid frostbite somehow (considering he'd been sitting in a car that was below freezing for more than two hours).

Another agent had to make a last minute (40 minute) drive to clear out a random blocking link that got thrown by a Resistance agent. We had a real nail biter of a time while waiting for that link to clear, hoping our other anchors (and already established links) would hold until then.

Still another agent managed to get his silver Engineer badge while working on this yesterday.

In the end, the “blue food” turned into one or two L8 farms, and never made it down the Delaware River. Our northern agents kept taking down everything. Our southern teams never had the chance to see so much as a drizzle, never mind a flood. And we put up a field over the Resistance, breaking the flow of their own operation. And we put a long link (67.1mi) right through the heart of some blue controlled territory, despite them fighting to prevent it.

The field did not make it to a checkpoint. Then again, it never was meant to. It was only meant to last long enough to hamper the Resistance operation. And it did that wonderfully.

We named our operation partly as a joke. After all, being rick rolled was a way of interrupting whatever somebody was doing. Since our entire goal was to interrupt them, the rick roll name was a perfect fit.

To all the agents who participated, I would like to give my thanks. You all executed perfectly. I couldn’t ask for better teammates. I look forward to working with you again. And again. And again.

Finally, some special thanks are due to some Resistance players. BehaThor helped us out in the week leading up to this. We had some stray green links that weren’t going to decay in time, and he helpfully cleared them for us (saving us several Ada). reddog176 and GiffordPinchot both insisted on providing warning (in open comms no less) about an upcoming blue flood. Thank you all. You helped make our operation a success.

The Enlightened agents who participated, in alphabetical order:

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On a positive note here, I kinda just caught up on g+ as I have been away for a bit, I would like to thank resistance agent Bahathor. He was very nice to my wife and I and got us a couple of hot fresh cups of coffee from dunkin donuts as we sat and figured out how to get home. Thank you again sir. A pleasure meeting all the agents both green and blue. It's a fun game! 
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A SWATter faces five years and additional charges. Finally, shit is happening to these people.
A Nevada man has been arrested and is awaiting extradition to Illinois, accused of orchestrating a "SWATting" attack on a video gamer over the summer. Brandon Wilson, 19, known by some online as...
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Michael Pedersen

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Annoying behavior on my phone for the past couple months. If I rejected a call, it would ring back to my phone. And do this up to three times. Turns out it was a Google Voice setting that I failed to follow the instructions for exactly. The fix is over in this thread:!topic/voice/xpMOFlMnYzQ
To summarize, if forwarding is enabled in Google Voice both my Hangouts and standard dialer ring simultaneously - which is documented in the referenced thread's original post. The recommendation in that post is to disable forwarding in Google Voice. The problem in doing so, however, ...
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Michael Pedersen

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And backed. Always been fascinated by the universe of Don't Rest Your Head. This could be a good way to begin exploring it.
Don't Turn Your Back on our newest board game Kickstarter! (See what we did there?)
Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions is raising funds for Don't Turn Your Back on Kickstarter! A worker placement/deck-builder board game set in a city of Nightmares. Play. Betray. Survive. Build your deck. Escape the city.
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Don't Rest Your Head is more psychedelic than WoD, too. An urban setting where metaphor is reality, insomnia is the key, and Nightmares walk the streets.
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Michael Pedersen

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Things you don't want to hear when boarding the train: A voice over the intercom asking "Where's the freaking handbrake on this engine?"
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I don't know. He did it twice. And the train was late departing the station by 6 minutes. That 1% feels rather large.
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Michael Pedersen

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I actually do applaud the Resistance for their fields over this past weekend. That took a lot of work. This particular post, though, doesn't give all the credit that's deserved for the stopping of one of them.

As I said in the thread (before it got deleted, and I got blocked):

Server Lag (aka: vedorian) and Ghost Links (aka: BeastModeActive) send their regards.
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If you enjoyed Harry Potter, this is something you have got to see. It's just amazing to see the story of Severus as he would have lived it, instead of in retrospectives.
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agreed. it becomes completely different - more painful!
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Michael Pedersen

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We might have deserved that one...
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Michael Pedersen

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Pondering getting Asus ZenWatch or LG G Watch R. What do people think of either one?
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I have lg g watch. I like it.
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Michael Pedersen

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The Shedding of Tears

It is easy to anthropomorphize a moment as heart-wrenching as this. The fate of a bull elephant who had been in captivity for 50 years, under terrible conditions, ( has taken a turn for the better as he has been freed thanks to a UK charity organization. 

The elephant shed tears at his moment of rescue and though we may dispute the exact cause of that there is no disputing the fact that shedding tears is a sign of emotion being felt. We may, as people, cause problems but we also can provide solutions. This may not start off well, but it has a happy ending. Enjoy Wednesday and catch one more update here:

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I was an Air Force brat. I was born in Turkey, and moved all over the USA. I moved to New Jersey, finally, to be closer to my family and to the woman I'm married to. Our next home is probably going to be on the west coast somewhere south (and away from snow).

I got interested in computers around 1983. A friend of mine was writing down some weird stuff on graph paper, so I asked him what it was. He took me to the school library after school, we both typed in his program (which drew a triangle inside of a triangle inside of another triangle). I've been hooked ever since.

I enjoy carpentry (despite being not so good at it as yet), Ingress (an alternate reality game by Google), amateur radio (call sign W2SFL), and pretty much everything computer related.
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For the Ingress event Cassandra NYC, I lead the team that built a control field from Tom's River, NJ to Hardwick, NJ, to Martha's Vineyard. BS in CompSci. Amateur Radio Technician.
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My wife and I have gone to Casa Maya a few times now. The food is great. It's well made, well presented, and thoroughly enjoyable. There's always so much of it that we have leftovers. I recommend it to anybody who's coming through the area, or lives within 30 minutes of it. The trip is well worth it.
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