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The more I see, the more I like. I'm on the N4 right now. I think I'll wait until this time next year before I go and get a new phone.
Google revealed new details about the company's highly anticipated modular smartphones at its Project Ara developers conference.
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Yep. I've got the N7 (2013) for where the N4 doesn't hold up very well. I'm not seeing a major need to upgrade yet, though I expect I will within a year. Somehow, phones just seem to need to be upgraded about that often.
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Smart Watch In 1981

So, back in 1981, Byte magazine had a cover depicting what they thought a smart watch would look like. I'm not going to give it away. Click the link.

I laughed. Hard.
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I didn't realize it was a link to the actual magazine! It was like stepping into a time machine!
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I've been looking, and haven't found confirmation one way or the other.

In Ingress, have the restrictions on unverified accounts been implemented? I've seen a player local to me behaving in a very strange fashion. When I pull up the profile, it turns out that said player is unverified. If the unverified restrictions are in place, then the behavior would make perfect sense.

Can anybody confirm, one way or the other?

+NIA Ops +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley 

#ingress   #restrictions   #verification  
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restrictions for unverified accounts are no ability to drop items
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Michael Pedersen

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NSA Knew About Heartbleed?

Of course, it's denied by them, but at this point, can we trust their denial?
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I hear they also leaked the OpenSSL code online. 
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Michael Pedersen

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Why are useful problem reports so difficult to get, even from other developers?

I asked another developer at work to help me figure out a problem. I showed where something was working, and where it was not. The reply I get is a nice vague "A change in the encoding has happened and you need to fix it." Without telling me what the current encoding is, what it's supposed to be, or even an example of how it looks right now to help me figure it out.

Drives me nuts.
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In this case, it turns out that pieces that were parameters were being encoded as part of another parameter. Saying that alone would have told me where to look at least.

I try (and I'm sure I fail all too often) to to provide enough detail to help someone who's asking for help. Wish that I could get the same in response.
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Right now, Project Ara looks like it could be my next phone. I really like this idea. Nobody gets exactly my phone (MotoX came really close, but then dropped the ball with no wireless charging).

Having something like this, where I can pick and choose what I want? I'm looking forward to it, a lot.
Google’s New Modular Phone May Be the Last You’ll Need to Buy | Gadget Lab | WIRED
Google's Project Ara could reinvent the way we buy and upgrade our smartphones.
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If they can make the modules fit smoothly that would be better, the way that pic looks it would attract all kinds of dust. Maybe even a full back cover of some sort.
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Michael Pedersen

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So, I'm pondering getting a FitBit, and am torn between the Flex and the One models. Any owners of either of them that can provide feedback?

In particular, I'm wondering about the need to carry something (One) vs wear (Flex). I'm iffy on putting something in a pocket or on my belt (I already have a Leatherman, I don't think I'd like to return to the bat belt days). I like that the Flex is something that's always on, so I don't forget it.

What do you all think? Which one is the better choice for you, and why?
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Been researching them, and based on that and experience from a couple other people, I'd say Flex.  It does have the occasional issue of not reading activity to translate to the app, but apparently force syncing clears that up.  Plus, it's on your wrist, so no needing to readjust if it's not reading steps correctly or anything.  Just my two cents.
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My Ingress 8iversary

A year ago, right this very minute, my wife and I made level 8 in Ingress. About 16 months ago, our Ingress journey began. What a journey it's been, too. We've had our share of negatives (as do we all, I'm sure), but for the most part? It's been overwhelmingly positive.

I've met people (from both sides) that are really great people. I've been a part of teams that have done things that were called impossible in this game (well, until we did them). We learned how to speed level people. We learned how to talk the other side into making it possible (make a high enough level farm, or take down their farm, and watch them come running). We even started saying that it's time to cast "summon smurf". I've taken up two new hobbies because of this (R/C modeling and ham radio), both of which I expect to have for the rest of my life. I've made friends that I expect I will know for just as long.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know what the past has brought. I love bringing people into this, and watching them learn what it brings for them. I hope to be able to do that for a long time more.
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This is awesome. Just watch, and enjoy :)
Jim Cummings reads Darth Vader in the voice of Winnie the Pooh (and more!) [video]
This video is nerd heaven. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Listen to voice actor Jim Cummings read a chunk of the Star Wars script in some of his most beloved voices like Darkwing Duck ...
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What's interesting about the people who are trying to claim "Religious Freedom" is the answer to one question: What happens the other side claims that Christianity itself denounces such things, and therefore is able to refuse service to those who espouse the beliefs on their own religious grounds?

In other words: If a Christian firmly believes that the Bible says that such discriminatory action is not good Christian behavior, that Christian would then be legally allowed to refuse service to any who would discriminate against homosexuals.

Yes, I'm aware that my wording is weak, and anybody making that argument would have to word it better. But even I've thought of this particular issue after all of 30 seconds. Why don't the bigots manage to think of these things?
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It would be nice to see that turnabout come to pass.  Unfortunately, it's much more subtle and difficult to implement.  E.g., it's easy to refuse to serve someone who looks a certain way, but not so easy to tell if someone's a bigot on sight.  Also, I think the point would be largely lost on those at whom it is aimed.
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I was an Air Force brat. I was born in Turkey, and moved all over the USA. I moved to New Jersey, finally, to be closer to my family and to the woman I'm married to. Our next home is probably going to be on the west coast somewhere south (and away from snow).

I got interested in computers around 1983. A friend of mine was writing down some weird stuff on graph paper, so I asked him what it was. He took me to the school library after school, we both typed in his program (which drew a triangle inside of a triangle inside of another triangle). I've been hooked ever since.

I enjoy carpentry (despite being not so good at it as yet), Ingress (an alternate reality game by Google), amateur radio (call sign W2SFL), and pretty much everything computer related.
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My wife and I have gone to Casa Maya a few times now. The food is great. It's well made, well presented, and thoroughly enjoyable. There's always so much of it that we have leftovers. I recommend it to anybody who's coming through the area, or lives within 30 minutes of it. The trip is well worth it.
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