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Like a Dirk Pitt nobel without Dirk Pitt.
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Michael Parekh

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The next time you're dining out with friends, eliminate the guesstimating of figuring out how much to tip. Say that you're out to eat with eight friends and the bill is $323. On the Google Search App, just type or tap the mic and ask, "What's the tip for 323 dollars?" You can also easily adjust the percent of the bill you’d like to tip, and split the check among the people in your party.

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Michael Parekh

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Twitter has fewer than 50 million users in the US.

Twitter's IPO revealed details about the company's business. One of these is that Twitter has only 49 million active users in the US. 

Echo-chamber elites will be surprised at this. Because they're all on Twitter, they think "everybody" is on it.
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Michael Parekh

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QOTD Steve Wozniak: "I want to feel that I own things". 
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Michael Parekh

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Took this on a whim. Speaks to me on a number of levels. Thought I'd share and see if others have that reaction.
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Michael Parekh

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Google improvement.
How and why Google introduced #AuthorRank and  #Authorship tag to it's new algorithm.
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Michael Parekh

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U.S. Government Shutdown cost is now north of $1 Billion ...
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Michael Parekh

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