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We're hiring somebody to do phone and tablet news and reviews.

Please re-share.  I mean it.  Pretty please?
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+Neil Lund +Prakash Abraham Details are in the linked-to PDF, along with where to send your resumes/cover letters and such.  Looking forward to receiving them....
I'll be dropping something in your email this afternoon or early evening. Thanks!
I've just sent you a short message, on Google+ of all places. (I thought it was fitting!) Looking forward to hearing from you!
+Michael Oryl I don't have two years of experience, so should I still apply? I've got almost a year experience.
+Alexander Maxham You can certainly apply. Won't hurt. And thanks for actually reading the posting. That counts for something...
This is actually something that I'd really love to do. Tell people about technology and why it's awesome? I already do that for free. Sadly, no real experience to boast of.
Hey Michael, I sent my application. I hope it meets what you're looking for.
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