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Ghost Town?

Try circling some people who post content you like.
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I think people are just confused because their friends aren't here. They keep trying to treat it like Facebook. I get far more content here from following 60 people than my 360ish FB friends.
I find G+ has waaay too much stuff to follow all of it. I just have to catch glances as it washes over me :)
I once thought it was a ghost town, till I realized I had changed the volume on my circles.
Agreed, +Josh Brown. I have SO much content to read, and virtually none of it from anyone I know outside of Google+.
I personally enjoy not having the people I know here haha. I feel like I can more openly discuss stuff here without worrying about it affecting personal relations with people I know personally.
I literally have a hard time keeping up with the content. If I miss a day of logging on, there's no chance of catching up.
It's strange... in this ghost town I keep finding so much itneresting stuff that I complain I can keep up with all the things I would like to read here.
How can it be? What a mistery...
I don't think it is that they're confused +Josh Brown. Just that they don't particularly care to follow the ramblings of hundreds of strangers and don't much see the point of Google+ otherwise.
There are still a large amount of people treating G+ as a Facebook replacement. Its just a different social environment. G+ offers much more academic and art-inspired information, while Facebook is a deluge of unintelligible meatheads!
I think it evolved as a different target because of who clamored to get into it at the beginning. I don't think there is much implicitly making it "different".
+Allen Firstenberg I'd have to disagree. Most people I know use Twitter too follow lots of strangers. However, I'm not really too concerned, I'm happy with what G+ is and who is here.
+Mark Frankel, I guess the 18,000+ followers I have must be fluent in "unintelligible meathead" then, because I actively use Facebook and pretty much make the same posts over there that I do over here.
A sure way to get a rush of traffic is to say "[insert technology] is dead." It's a pathetic attempt to gain readers as it only attracts fanboys and haters.
I'm sure with a quick search you can find 1,000's of articles claiming: Windows, Linux, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Email, etc. is dead.
And then all the Google+ fanboys would jump the shit of the people who say it's too noisy. Either way, you can't win. EVER.
It's not a ghost town, but goddamn are the users kinda nuts.
I did live in Toronto, and had a family member at U of T and another at York at the same time. There was some good-natured ribbing between the two, and you're receiving the vague legacy of that. :)
There's nothing on the Internet, until you type a URL into a web browser AND press enter either.

This confirms not only how lazy people are, it also makes true that sheeple are click and stick monsters, utterly dependant upon search engines and advertising to lead them.
That's where the $$$ comes.
I've circled my friends, but most of them are not putting up content. That means I need to circle strangers. I am a little less interested what strangers are talking about on social networks.

I think there is something worth complaining about.
Yea Google+ is like a bunch of early adopters circle jerking each other in a self-worshiping sauna.
+Rich Thomas, don't think of them as strangers. Think of them as people creating interesting content about things you're interested in. Google+ is less a Social Network than an Interest Network.
None of my friends use Google+. Therefore, I'm more inclined to look at posts from people I know (like on Facebook). Otherwise it feels like Google+ is just one big random meme show.
+Rich Thomas: There are a lot of interesting strangers on G+. But how could you find them?
maybe i don't care enough to see what my friends are doing on facebook (everyone's having babies!) but my twitter and google+ stream are way more interesting.
+Andrew Cortesi, it might behoove you to find some people who post here on topics that interest you. Using the Search Google+ box up top is an excellent place to start.
Circle as many interesting strangers as you want yes STRANGERS this is NOT FB :-) (although friends/families will be "cool" too),engage with strangers in some "hot's" contents,post some interesting contents participate in some hangouts.=> Watch your stream you might hardly can keep up with it when you have 50 peoples in ur circle it start get interesting ,and you may very well see many peoples circling you back.
+Michael O'Reilly in that case Google+ is also failing as an Interest Network. There is a lot more interesting content being created on blogs, Tumbler, and Pintrest. The content I find on Google+ is middling at best. Most of the content is things linking off Google+

I want Google+ to have better content, but I am coming here only once or twice a day.
Like I said, a bunch of early adopters circle jerking each other. Everybody just tries to give excuses "Well its not for that its for this! And this is so cool! Try talking to some random people"..avoiding the fact that Google+ is basically Facebook from 2004 with some of Twitters shitty features built in.
+Rich Thomas, I find all sorts of really good content on Google+. Either I have lower standards than you (possible) or I have more interesting people circled.
My experience here is amazing. Contdown to my best friends sign up and exclude my facebook count
It isn't the content that scares me, it is the cycle that does. At first, adults were on Myspace, then the kids took over. So the adults went to Facebook, then the kids came. Now, Adults (using real grammer) are coming to G+, now we are waiting for the kids...
The kids are on their way, +Tod Anderson! (Also, one might argue that the kids were first on Facebook, depending on your definition.)
You can't circle people unless you can see their content. You don't see interesting content unless you circle people. You can't circle interesting people...
+Theo Von Druessel, the Search Google+ box up top can lead you to tons of really interesting content from people you don't have circled. You can then find the ones you like the most and circle them, after which your Stream will be full of interesting content.
well im sorry i have to get used to the cite and then see what i thin then
I like G+ far more than the other social network...Its somewhat like a universal type forum instead having family and friends seeing what you like and having to comment.
I agree with that. Can't complain if there's nothing gained, right?

.....wait, did I just rhyme that?
+Rich Thomas Google+ in its present form is closer to Twitter than to Facebook. By that I mean that most of the people that are engaging and being circled will probably be strangers. The reason for that is because people like your friends and most of my friends just aren't posting anything here. The reason for that is because there friends aren't here. Until people decided to take the leap and start using Google+ like they do Facebook then it will be "empty". If you choose not to circle people who are actually posting things then it is not Google's fault your stream is empty. Its your and your friends fault. My stream is very active and entertaining and its completely thanks to people I know solely from here.
me too, i sort of get it, i think i should say "so true, so true"
um, i don't have anything to say so there is no point in this comment.......................but since you read it, you should no by now that there is no point! :)
There is nothing to complain about.... I <3 G+
True on that, especially when your added on Facebook without your notice or intentions. I've already been added against my intentions by a bunch of idiots just because they think it's funny.

I'm starting to question just HOW Facebook got so many people: either they joined intentionally or someone else did it for you.
Just circled you. I love meeting new and interesting people on here. :) Facebook is for adding people that you have met once and don't even care about, Google + is for adding people with real personalities, not just posting up statuses like 'I got my hair cut today'. ;)
Thanks So what makes your personality different from others? :)
If they were fresh oranges you would say "I just picked some Oranges off my tree and they were delicious"...
Content? like what people had for dinner? yeah no doubt you'll get that on Facebook.
I think people are comparing to Facebook. But lots of people I know are leaving facebook to come to Google. Soon it will be the other way around and all the content will be here and facebook like a ghosttown.
i cant seem to convince any of my friends to come to google +. so my content is like a ghost town. but i keep praying...lolol
I never liked Facebook from day one and still find it annoying, Reddit is another mystery to me why anyone would like something that looks so clunky and ugly...
+joann mcguffie There are less than 10 peoples in your circle("forget" your friends) circle as many STRANGERS who have "interesting" contents you like & watch your stream become "ALIVE" lol.
Please circle me for interesting, beautiful and funny posts! =)
I agree with those that say G+ isn't Facebook, I left Facebook because of all the crap, I just want to play a couple of games and catch up on what is happening in the rest of the world, I don't want to see people threatening suicide because someone they have never met has unfriended them, nor do I care about whoever shopping in Walmart 20,000 miles away.
At G+ you can have your game circles and not have to put up with endless posts about shit, you can have friend and family circles and not have to involve the world in your personal posts.
Why are some people concerned they can't read the gossip and shit here, that is posted on FB?
Someone posted above that G+ is probably for a different audience than FB, I agree, on FB people have competitions to see how many friends they can get, they are not friends! most on peoples list, people will never meet and in a lot of cases not even speak the same language, I have seen people reduced to tears because someone they have never met befriended them.
Sure you can make friends via social network, I'm in Australia and have liaised with a couple of Americans for a few years, we plan to meet someday and we know a lot about each other and I would consider them friends, the other 300 that were in my FB list were mostly there for game reasons and shouldn't be labelled as friends, I couldn't careless what is happening in their lives and yet had miles of meaningless posts on my wall from them.
For me leave FB for the Drama Queens and Teenagers and G+ for the Mature people , if people want G+ to be more like FB then simply go to FB :-)
why the fuck did you post this to me? I dont know who you are or why you did this but get the fuck out of my circle mkay?
Since I dont know you and now because you just blasted my personal space with random spamming you will be nuked from ever coming back. On top of that stay the fuck out of space tyour not invited into mainly mine thanks idiot
Yeah, clearly G+ is a ghost town - a 126 comments later (let's see someone get this kind of engagement on FB)! ^rolls eyes^
Please circle me for interesting, beautiful and funny posts! I will also circle you in return =)
You'll never read this comment Michael, but great analogy. So what if your 10 friends aren't on it... that's not the purpose of G+. It's about sharing the online experience. This is drastically different from what other social networks offer, nor are they exclusive.
Who's complaining?? with the dude above me
Actually there's a lot of random things to read on the mobile phone because of the Nearby page. Wonder why that's not in the PC. Maybe because there's no GPS or phone network for location services.
allen marquardt maybe facebook is for you, this is a public post which you can simply delete, the post wasn't posted by anyone in your circle and they can't get the F*** out, you obviously have no idea about G+, as it is a public post you shouldn't be showing off your immaturity with such unwarranted bad language, keep this behaviour to your circles :-)
+Michael Silk and +Hannah Nobles, there have been a number of articles on various sites talking about how Google+ is a ghost town with no content. Generally the authors of these articles have new Google+ accounts with very few people circled. Thus their streams are empty. Duh. Go create a new Twitter account and don't follow anyone. That'll seem pretty dead, too.
Oh sure, +Marquis Dugger, I'm aware that you can see public posts from non-circled people. Oh, and I just right this second realized that this must be on What's Hot, and thus appearing in people's Streams. I bet that's what he was talking about. I don't ever go to that list, or have it in my Stream, and I've never been on it before so it didn't occur to me. I guess that explains the big pile of comments.

Hi everybody!
There is some interesting content in G+, but I do think there is a discoverability problem.
Everyone loves a Ghost Town. Reel em in!
Mira G
Woooowz! Then how do I see your post when I don't have you in any of my circles??? It must be...THE ALIENZ! :o Tum-tum-tuuuuum!
Also, you've made it! If it is getting hot listed. 
+Catalina Ser, see my comment five above yours about the What's Hot list. I'm guessing that's how this post appeared in your Stream.
that sir, is one true statement
lol...way to get a point across or should I say around!
I have all of my friends that are on G+ in my circles, maybe 1 or 2 (1 working in Google) post stuff + a bunch of companies that I follow. It might not be a complete ghost town but it's like a ghost town with two activists protesting in it.

Regarding the Kindle analogy, it's like a Kindle that whatever you do there's no way to put ebooks on it to read except a few (something like a Rim's Playbook's app store). Googlers really need to focus on what they're good at (search engine) rather that what they're not supposed to be in them in the first place and stop screwing up with their other services for selling their junk to us!
+Sepandar Sepehr, maybe you should consider circling some people who produce posts that interest you, even if you don't know them in real life. That would help fill your Stream with interesting things.
Boy, kinda makes you feel guilty not to post something. I wonder if this is a future tool of the Catholic Church.
I'm likin it. way better than facebook. no limits on how many people I can communicate with. I don't get frozen until I read all their messages.
Laura E
I am new to google+ but haven't experienced this so called lack of content. I think there's plenty of it, I just have to find the original content rather than the reposters...
I get more content that I enjoy in an hour on Google+ than I do in a month or two on facebook. And I have quite a few pages that I follow on there too. XD
In my experience there is an incredible amount of original content, +Laura Everett. Certainly more than I have time to consume. It's just a matter of finding those who post it, which is something that I hope Google will get better at helping people with.
most of my friend's last posts are from December
Right, stick to what they're good at. Because Google Maps, Calendar, Docs, and especially Gmail were such HUGE flops (note: sarcasm).

Google does everything it does really f***king well. Newsflash: Google+ is still in Open Beta. Give it some time, and it will overtake Failbook. Not even 10% of the world's population falls into the "early adopter" category on the internet; WE are the early adopters. Do you know how long it took Failbook to overtake Myspace? 4 years.

Calm the hell down and get used to waiting for something to take hold, or don't bother being an early adopter.
To be truthful I hope that Google+ doesn't get the crowd of idiots that are on Facebook (I am not saying that everybody on Facebook is stupid. Just that there are a lot more of them it seems than what are on Google+.) I see Google+ as a more professional type of social network. One where I can try and network with brilliant minds, artists, and other people of that sort. While on Facebook I feel that everything posted is just another person complaining about something. I don't know if this is everybody's experience or not but I do know that on here somebody can post a controversial article and the comment section will get filled with intelligent debates if anything, not a ton of people just saying you are wrong or stupid. :)
Yan Tu
or complaining Android is boring when you are using an IPhone... :P
Laura E
Exactly +Michael O'Reilly that was my point and I agree, I do hope Google finds a better solution to their search parameters.
you have to put books on your kindle? I can't get my computer to draw a circle around anyone...
well, it doesnt help when almost none of your friends use it. thus, there are no books to buy.
+Ian Schmidt, you don't have to only circle your real life friends on Google+. Search on some topics you're interested in, find people or pages that post on those topics, and circle them. Your Stream will light up with interesting activity!
When is someone going to make a "Make sure you're using it correctly" t-shirt?
I have over 50 people and there still is barely any content. Nothing close to FB.
+Ian Schmidt What is interesting is that most of us that use G+ regularly and have heavy streams didn't know more than a couple people when we got here. The enjoyable experience has really come from meeting new people that have similar interests/enjoy conversation on the same topics. Then you meet the people they interact with...and so on and so forth. A great step is to do a search for some topics and industries you would typically read articles about.
My "complaint" is that my friends, the people I'm actually interested in, aren't posting on G+, even if they're on here. This is a function of G+ not being very popular. I could circle a bunch of other people, but I'm not interested in that.
+A. Scott White, do you not have any topics that interest you that you'd be willing to read writings about even if they were written by someone you haven't met in person? Do you read newspapers or news articles? The Google+ experience can be much like that, with posts that are tailored to your interests, because you have circled people who write on those topics.
+A. Scott White It may not have caught on with a lot of people yet, but most people still just view it as another social network. Keep in mind that Public launch was only a few months ago, and as people see how it makes the experience between products more connected, they may start at least sharing articles over here, then enjoying the conversation, then spending more time here.
G+ is an infinite source of educational material, while participants share with an honest enthusiasm to improve the quality of Life overall. This has been my experience. G+ is awesome.!
+Michael O'Reilly At least for now, I'm not much of a consumer of news, other media and whatnot, and I'm not big on "sharing" things I find online. I mostly like to write original content and to interact with my friends on their original content. I do skim "What's Hot" and interact with topics that grab me (like this one), but that's about it. I do like the G+ experience, look and feel.

+Sharon Strandskov Let's hope so.
Thanks +Michael O'Reilly for this post that made it to "What's Hot" .... I don't spend much time there so it does bring in some interesting viewpoints that I don't normally see on G+. Very entertaining. And just for the (public and what's hot) record, I love G+ and most of the interesting people in my circles started out as strangers commenting on posts with me ... either they circled me or I circled them as kindred spirits.
I'm very glad for the feedback, +Armida Evony. It's my first experience making it to that list, and is frankly kind of overwhelming.
Very true.. And even when you don't join a circle or create one you can comment on items here and gain lots of friends
I'm new to g+ & I am still trying to find my way around but so far it beats the mindless babble of Twitter & FB!.....but that's jst my opinion for what its worth! 
Or.... everyone is sharing with the cool circle and you are not in it...
I'm a big fan of serious discussion of issues, +Rebecca Martin. Last week's huge event in Austin threw me a little off-track, but I hope to get back to that sort of thing soon.
+A. Scott White Understood-- and I enjoy creating original content as well, so I understand that. I know different personality types play into it, but for me I have made some real friends here, and I really enjoy interacting with each other on our content. As for sharing, an example for me is that today I saw an article and right from the webpage, I hit the share button like you would for Facebook or Twitter, added my thoughts on the topic, and off it went. If my friends are doing a Google search on that topic, they will see my post, even if they have never visited before, which is pretty neat. I do really hope your friends make it over here soon, so you can enjoy the things we have been enjoying. I also hope you get to use Hangouts-- they are awesome for talking to the friends you don't get to see often, or walking someone through how to do something along with screensharing.
just remind them that their Facebook would also be a ghost town if they didn't have any "friends"
+Michael O'Reilly you're doing great, right up to date with the notifications :) and +Osama Azam Khan there is no "cool circle" really ... you just have to get into the G+ mindset and start circling total strangers. Easy enough to uncircle them again if it doesn't work out. You may know this already but some people here clearly don't .. yet!
My problem on G+ is too much content. I can't read it all. Maybe I need to uncircle a few people.
i got like 6 points higher than my last one... lol
bla bla bla. Yea, its our fault Google put out another dud.
For me, Google + is an Oasis of information.
One thing I find interesting is the amount of +1's of this post. Think about it, 1178 people like this post and you have 13380 people circling you. That means almost 9% of people +1'd it. I think that's an impressive % because I'm sure that means at least 40% of people noticed this post.
Nooooo, really? I thought it was because bananas ate the cheeseballs! please note the sarcasm that isn't supposed too offend anyone. If I accidently did, I apologize in advance.
+Josh Brown, I would be very surprised if even a quarter of the people plussing this post have me circled. The pluses exploded when it made What's Hot, and thus got pushed into the Streams of a ton of people.
I spend more time on Google+ than any other social networking site because of the people I've circled are so much engaging. I can barely keep up with my G+ feed and I like that :)
A good way to find people with mutual interests is to join a hangout and start up a few conversations.
+Michael O'Reilly interesting, I guess it didn't pop up on my what's hot that they insert into my feed since you are already in my circle. Did you see a large influx of new people adding you to circles after it made what's hot?
I cannot wait until Facebook goes down the drain and Google can finally connect this giant technological empire. I don't wanna be apart of that Cliche that many people are in just to simply be in it...
Remove the word Kindle, and replace it with the HP Touchpad.
That's also like complaining there isn't content but not providing any like me.
That is soooo true! Tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used the auto add on chrome, I have a wide variety on mine and enjoy it.
Joined Google+ in July last year and it has been a wonderful experience, I have connected with so many interesting people from all over the world. Likewise, I left Facebook at about the same time; I have gained back the time I spent reading gossips and inferior discourse. 
I just read your reply +Michael O'Reilly , I understand your point, but I believe (not a scientific idea) that most of the people mainly use online social networks to connect to their friends and family not people who post news and stuff (there's twitter for that). That's the ghost town idea, which makes total sense if you see if this way.
then it should be advertised as that instead of circles of friends and hanging out with friends and stuff like that
I'm not sure if it's marketing's fault or the google itself for not exactly knowing what G+ is supposed to be and how they want to sell it. One day it's for replacing Facebook, another day Skype, once it comes to kill google reader, then it comes in your searches. It's also too much for a customer to handle (something that is suddenly supposed to be everywhere for everything)
Did I just notify twice 200 something people? Sorry :)
Why do we need to circle thousands of random people before we can get some random content on here? Google should generate automatic awesomeness feeds in "Explore" but not just listing "What's Hot", Google needs to show only awesome stuff personalized for each user. Based for example on what the user likes to search for, likes to click on, and most importantly for G+ what each user most +1!
That's a good point +Nicolas Charbonnier. It's easily within Google's ability to give us a "Stuff you'll probably like" feed based on our personal reading pattern. 
+Michael O'Reilly yes I'm really really looking forward to that. I believe that once Google launches in Explore tab a feature that shows "items that other G+ users +1 that tend to +1 the same types of stuff you +1" and with a bunch of sliders, I post a bit about it here: I believe this new G+ Explore is going to be the number 1 most important feature of G+ and it'll make it easy for all the mass market of users to understand the value of G+.
Circled you! Glad I found out where the cool kids are hanging out :)
Yes 2 different entities! I agree w/ josh. I enjoy it more at times due to the fact that its strangers and I don't worry bout anything or someone passing it on differently than it was.....…I AGREE too about the art inspiring works!!!!
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