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Grilling Some Chicken

The kids are out of school and warm weather is upon us, and that marks the start of Summer Grilling Season. Last night I cooked up a couple of chickens in what turned out to be a really yummy citrus barbecue sauce. Easy to cook, and just add a little broccoli and some orange slices to round it off.

Sorry for the lack of fancy placement for the picture. It just occurred to me to snap some shots with my phone along the way, and when the plate one came around I was more interested in getting right down to eating than composing the shot. One of these days I'll get fancy like +Jake Croston and +Liz Lui, but until then this will have to do.

Anyone else grilling anything lately?
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Looks wonderful!  Now give me double (triple) that amount and it'll look like something to eat.  Yeah, I fight my weight all the time.  Thanks for the food porn.
Looks awesome, man. Haven't done chicken yet this year, but you've lit the fire, so to speak.  What's the recipe for the sauce?
+Lisa Miller, I've definitely been working on portion control as a big part of my weight-control plan. I agree that it doesn't really look like enough in the picture, but it turns out to be now that I'm used to it.
Thanks, +Stephen Gray. My wife did the marinade and the sauce, so I'll have to ask her. This was a super-convenient grilling experience as I got home from work and the chicken was already marinated, so I just had to heat the grill and go. :)
Professional housecleaning is a real calorie-burner.  I eat like a sumo and usually get it worked off to my satisfaction, but if my lifestyle changes so will my diet.
Excellent, +Brendan Farrell. It's a fine practice to be in. Tonight it looks like I'll be grilling some venison. Looking forward to that. Backstrap wrapped in bacon.
I live in south Florida, most of us do nothing but grill :) No sense of using the stove when you can BBQ!
That's good +Michael O'Reilly. The grass grew back! It's even greener than the rest of the field now ;) Too funny. Now that it's rainy season I'm not so worried about more field fires but nevertheless I'll be buying a gas grill within the next couple of weeks, I'm tired of tasting lighter fluid on my steaks. 
I switched to gas a few years ago, +Michelle Marie, and have been very happy with the change. Just walk out back, turn it on, and wait a few minutes for it to be heated. 
Man, I am coming to your house for lunch/dinner - that looks good! Love grilling in the summertime outside. In the wintertime/indoors I use my NuWave Oven, which makes my foods taste almost as good as though I had cooked it outside. Also love that with the NuWave, that I can go from freezer to the NuWave - no defrost time. =)
+Michael O'Reilly I've always used gas myself but gave my prior grill to a friend since the place I planned on moving to was in a second story condo and couldn't use it out on the patio since it would have melted the ceiling. When I moved into the house I just bought a charcoal grill to get me by till I could get a nicer one. I do a lot of grilling so I don't want to buy cheap since the grill gets used a lot :)
+Michael O'Reilly, I've been a charcoal guy since I have been an adult, but really would like to get one of those gas/charcoal hybrids.  Really like the convenience of gas.
+Michelle Marie, +Stephen Gray, and +Brendan Farrell, I did charcoal for a long time, but I find that I actually use the grill a lot more often now that I have gas. Charcoal was always excellent when I was cooking for guests or groups, but it often seemed like more hassle than it was worth when cooking for just us. Since switching to gas, I'm happy to use it a lot more often. There's still cleaning and maintenance, of course, but there's no psychological barrier of having set-up time beforehand. The net result is that I get a lot more grilling done.
Liz Lui
Still a great shot though.  I would totally scarf down this plate!  
Liz Lui
+Michael O'Reilly I would love to visit Austin some time... but maybe after summer though ;)  I really enjoyed meeting some G+ friends for the first time this past week.  You're definitely on my to-meet list, my friend!  
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