Into The Home Stretch

Just in case you missed it, +Catherine Morgan has been valiantly working to raise money for kids with cancer through St. Baldrick's Foundation, going so far as to shave off all her hair in support of the fund-raiser. She was hoping to raise $5,000, but didn't get there by her trimming date. Astute readers may have noted that I stepped in at that point and offered to similarly depilate my head when she reaches her goal. Unlike Catherine, with her smooth, girlish face, I am equipped to throw in a fine bristly beard to the offer. +Tom Rolfson was kind enough to offer to host a hangout on air to share the fun, and I have intention to try out a Monkey Tail beard in the process for viewers' amusement.

Several days later, after wonderful and repeated publicity from the likes of Tom Rolfson and +Fergus Martin, Catherine has a mere $241 to go in order to reach that $5,000 goal. So close! With just a little more help from the Google+ community she can reach that level of support for curing childhood cancer. Just $1 from 241 people would do it, and if you can afford to help more than that then it can go even faster.

I hate posting a request multiple times, and I apologize if it's annoying in your Stream, but it's so close now. Just a bit more and we'll be there. Thanks to everyone who has shared any of these requests, and super thanks to everyone who has already donated to this cause. Kids with cancer, and all of those working to cure their diseases and make their lives better, appreciate it.
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