Hi everybody,

If you've read my blog or my twitter recently, you might have picked up that I'm a big fan of The 5th Square​ (http://www.5thsq.org), the new Philadelphia-based urbanist PAC.  Their platform (http://www.5thsq.org/platform) for a better Philadelphia through better land use, public space, finance, and transportation policy is one I believe in, because it will create a better foundation for building a more just and equitable city with a strong and resilient urban form.

Over the weekend, I received a letter from 5th Square asking me to serve on their Advisory Board, and after some thought I accepted.  I'm honored to work with a great group of people working for a better future for all Philadelphians.  I'm looking forward to this, and I'm hoping that as many of you as can will join us.
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