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Saag doesn't have to be all spinach, cream and cheese! Try it with collard greens, kale and yogurt for an equally traditional but much lighter version.
Saag with Collards and Kale It is a depressing fact that 99% of Indian restaurants in America serve the same darn 10 items. Which is a crying shame because there must be 10,000 other terrific dis...
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I have been making saag paneer with kale instead of spinach and it is so, so good! It seems like the kale is juicier and soaks up the flavors amazingly. I use a couple Tbsp. cream if I have it around--I have had trouble with yogurt breaking when I've used it in the past. Next time I will follow your advice and take it off the heat for a while before adding the yogurt, I should have thought of that myself. :)
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