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As you may have heard, the Google Now team put out a great update today (read more here:

My favorite feature? Sound Search integration! Now you can just say "What's this song?" or "What song is this?" and it will recognize it for you, without ever leaving Google Now. It even speaks the result back to you ("It's Sleepyhead by Passion Pit"). Very very handy!
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I was on a trip recently and experienced some really nice cards with nearby attractions & photo ops. The boarding pass looks awesome. 
This is my favorite feature as well +Michael Morrissey. Sadly, it doesn't work on the HTC Droid DNA. At least it isn't Force Closing now thanks to a recent server side patch, I'm guessing.
Is it means I am intercepted all the time when i use my device or what?
I keep trying to use this feature but it keeps giving me a search for the words... Any suggestions?
why doesn't this feature work everywhere that Google Music is enabled, particularly the UK in my case?
I can't get this to work here in Edmonton. (Canada)

It does not work at my end.... Is it not supported in India yet?
"Action not supported in your country" from Australia. Sad face. Back to Shazam for me.
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