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Michael Menefee

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Bighorn Sheep and Black-billed Magpie Are Friends

We were delighted to see bighorn sheep in the Poudre Canyon and even more delighted when we witnessed this. It was a like an African safari in our own backyard! The bighorn sheep willingly tolerate the magpies as they help to remove external parasites from the sheep, or maybe they just dig taking them along for a ride! ;-)))

#Bighorn #Wildlife #nature #plusphotoextract #Colorado  
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+Michael Menefee great shot!  and in our very own Poudre Canyon too!  were there any kayak'ers or rafters?  it surely would be running way too fast for that.   great picture.
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Michael Menefee

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Morning Lunar Eclipse on the Prairie

Here's a view from Pawnee National Grassland of the near total eclipse of the moon as it sets in the morning twilight next to a weathered windmill on the plains.
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+Malachi The Zealous Watchman the distance to an object is not the thing that matters, so much as the distance to your eye.  Why can't you see a car on the highway from 35,000 feet in the air?   When astronomers refer to the brightness of a star, they refer to it's relative brightness, in terms of one star sitting beside the other and observed from a closer viewpoint than Earth.   A million candlepower flashlight in your friend's hand would blind you, but you won't see the light if that same flashlight was pointing right at you from the surface of the moon.   It's still a million candlepower.  Stars are much....much more distant than you imagine them to be.

If it were possible to fly a commercial jet airplane at the surface of the largest star we have discovered, it would take 11,000 years to make one trip around the star.  Space is really really big, and things are really really far away.
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Michael Menefee

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Spring Dreams of the Central Shortgrass Prairie

A view from last spring of our beloved Central Shortgrass Prairie in the area of Pawnee National Grassland here in northern Colorado.  I am not sure we will get another insane primrose bloom like last year, but we are starting to catch up on moisture so here's hoping!

#Stormchasing #weather #Colorado #Photography #Lightning #PlusPhotoExtract #WX #weather  
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Michael, I love the country out there in eastern Colorado. You have a great eye for showing it off.
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Michael Menefee

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Saint Louis Cathedral: The Sentinel of New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral is a spectacular piece of architecture showcasing elements of Renaissance and Spanish Colonial styles.  The iconic cathedral is nicely set off being flanked by the historic Cabildo building on the left side and the equally historic Presbytere on the right. The sense of history that exudes throughout the French Quarter in New Orleans is palpable and this area around Jackson Square seems almost too historic to be in America for a someone like me that grew up in Colorado. I almost felt like I was more in an old vintage European city as I wandered around enjoying the sights. NOLA is a fantastic city to visit!

Image notes: I manually combined two exposures for this image, one for foreground and one for sky.

#NewOrleans #Photography #Travel #Cathedral #architecture  
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Always! And I always tipped the street musicians.  :)
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Michael Menefee

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New Orleans Garden District Distinction

The stately homes in the Garden District of New Orleans harken back to the age of the southern mansion.  This image was taken off St. Charles peering through the fence, and to me it has a slightly spooky feel.

#NOLA #City #Architecture #Photography  
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Just returned from visiting NOLA for the first time  - loved New Orleans - such a beautiful city and amazing, friendly vibe.   Miss the Hurricanes and Gumbo ....... 
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Michael Menefee

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Misty Front Range Morning

Along the Front Range of Colorado I find that our sunrises are often just as beautiful to the west as the mountains pick up a bit of color and the sky echoes the east.
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+Michael Menefee thanks, lol.  so many ponds around here...  lol.   great picture. 
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Michael Menefee

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Ready for a Spring Drive

Getting all geared up for crazy cloud-filled skies and green foregrounds, so close now!   

Happy weekend ahead all, wishing everyone a great spring!
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Michael Menefee

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Autumn's Reign

Here we see a light rain washing over some changing aspen in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.  What a great fall we had!
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Lovely Michael!
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Michael Menefee

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Cedar Waxwing in Paradise

Yep, the gorgeous waxwings are back indulging on the mountain ash berries!  Every winter we can count on our neighbor's mountain ash tree to become inundated with waxwings and other boozy berry loving birds. If you have berry-laden trees in your neighborhood, be sure to check for birds imbibing on the fruit! 
Image notes: Double-processed raw to protect highlights on the bird's crest.

#Birding #BirdPhotography #Nature #photography #Colorado  
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Michael Menefee

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The Leviathan Live Oaks of Audubon Park
Of all the trees I saw in Audubon Park in New Orleans, this enormous oak was one of the most impressive. Surrounded by a thick moat of mud this nicely symmetrical tree must have a spread of over 100 feet. It's made even more impressive when we remember Hurricane Katrina and that this fairly exposed tree survived.  Was it always so alone?  Did it once have more Spanish moss?

#Oak #NewOrleans #LA #blackandwhitephotography #AudubonPark  
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+Michael Menefee outstanding photo!!!!    this is awesome.
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Michael Menefee

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Foggy Dawn

A look at the sunrise thorough a thick blanket of fog.  This was a special morning, I am sure I will still have more to share down the line.  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

#Colorado #Sunrise #Photography #Nature #PlusPhotoExtract #Landscape  
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: ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Michael Menefee

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San Juan Early Autumn

We visited the San Juan Mountains of Colorado just before fall color peaked, and with even being a bit early the range of color was incredible this year!

#Colorado #Photography #Landscape #PlusPhotoExtract #Fall #Mountains  
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I love the gorgeous colors!!   It's my pleasure to share your amazing photo to the +Landscape Photography page!  Check out all the great photos there including yours!!  
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