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A Sunset Soliloquy for the Laramie Foothills

This sunset really speaks of the beauty I get to experience everyday living near the Laramie Foothills.  We live on such an amazingly beautiful planet!

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+Michael Menefee wonderful colors.
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The foothills in the Buckhorn area west of Fot Collins are a favorite place of mine for a quick afternoon drive.  There is always some magic just around the next corner!

Image Notes:  7 frame HDR blended with non-hdr -1 EV frame.

#Photography #Landscape #Colorado  
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+Matt Hoven not sure if this paticular road is back from the flood yet or not, I took this one not long before the event last year.  But still tons of gorgeous places for a bike in these parts!
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With spring just around the corner I am getting stoked to see some landscapes like this soon!  This is in southern Wyoming outside of Laramie.  

Image notes: this is a pano constructed from two vertical frames, and added luminance adjustments to balance the light (no hdr).

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Lovely capture!
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Another take off the highway in the basin and range country of Nevada. There's enough landscape photography opportunities here to last a lifetime.

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One More ness, Mike. :)
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Instead of taking our Christmas lights this year we swapped them out for Bronco lights to root them on in the Super Bowl!  Go Broncos!!!

Images Notes: the logo was obviously added to our yard in post. But the lights are really orange and blue.   ;-)))

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A Reflective Selfie

When I was at the University of Denver for the CO Coalition of Land Trusts conference I came across this nifty reflection in the sky bridge over Evans Ave that I thought would make for a really cool entry for the Art of Self Portraiture's theme of "Sense of the Bizarre" for the monthly contest.  Not too sure if a cell phone photo is allowed to enter, but here it is.   ;-)
Image Notes: This is the first image I've shared publicly from my new Moto X smartphone. There's no really trickery at all going on here as hard as that is to believe. There was a spring snow outside but enough light to brightly reflect the space behind the window and since I stood close to the window my reflection created a bit of a window through almost like I took a multiple exposure to get this. But besides combining the frame with the passerby with the frame including car traffic I did nothing to alter this besides some basic edits. You can see the original unedited frames here in a Google Auto-Awesome GIF that was automagically created by the Google backup service:

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This is pretty cool! \m/
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Happy International Women's Day all!  Here's a really cool project to make fashion dolls with standard human body proportions, a perfect thing to support on Women's Day.  Learn more here:
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Meteors on Mordor

A combination of light pollution from flaring gas wells, blinking wind towers, Cheyenne and a growing lightning storm conspired to give this scene a decidedly Mordor vibe.  You can see a Perseid meteor right of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) and a possible Iridium flare directly below it. This was taken after the peak of last year's Persied event.

Image Notes: This image is a composite of multiple frames taken over roughly 45 minutes from the same location.  Three separate shots captured the lightning, two for the meteor and flare, one for sky and one for lighter foreground. Most of the warmer points of light on the horizon are gas being flared off oil wells that don't have the infrastructure to utilize the gas.  The red lights are wind towers and of course the glowing clouds are from lightning.

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The farms of eastern Colorado are graced by some gorgeous trees like the one seen here, some of them are more than a century old now.  

Image notes: this one is a bit photo art, I added Orton effect in post to help create the dreamy feel.

#Photography #Trees #Tree #Sunrise #PlusPhotoExtract  
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Great mood and comp +Michael Menefee :)
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Michael Menefee

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I love the sense of wonder I experience looking at the night sky and hope this image allows you to share the joy that is viewing the Milky Way at a dark sky location.

Image Notes:  I've got plenty in my backlog, but I've been wanting to reprocess this image for a long time. I was able to do a much better job with a combination of RAW conversions of the same file from Photo Ninja and DXO 9 with Prime Noise Reduction in use.  I left noise control very weak on the PN version to help preserve star and Milky Way color.  The exceptional noise reduction offered by Prime allowed me to really push the file to pull out the best of the night sky.  Contrast is improved across the board.  And finally a bit of Focus Magic on the foreground trees addressed the slight softness in the previous version. You can see the earlier version in the first comment here:
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Amazing shot.
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