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They hate us, they really hate us!

The RT spin (Russia Today, Putin's propaganda machine) on the crisis in the #ukraine  is that the USA is responsible. And our history has given them all the ammunition they need to support the smokescreen.

Please go to the original post and read the comments. You'll find similar sentiments in the comments of nearly every RT post. These comments should be required reading in US classrooms, and Congress.
Ukraine is a foot in the door to civil war, ousted President Viktor Yanukovych said in his address from Rostov-on-Don, where he has been residing for over a month after fleeing Kiev amid protests.
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This could be wonderful, or chilling.
Starting today, DARPA is pursuing biology as the next technological frontier in defense-related sciences. The Biological Technologies Office will pursue next-generation capabilities that are inspired by insights gained from the life sciences.
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Michael McGuire

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"Remind me again what we’re doing in Washington these days to deserve such young people?"
Thomas L. Friedman on a nuclear sub in the Arctic Circle. The picture of the sub breaking through the ice is worth it but what he says about the young people that protect us 24/7 should be mandatory reading in DC.
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Michael McGuire

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First sign of Spring!
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Michael McGuire

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Eric Schmidt on Internet Freedom.
Unfortunately there was no mention of 'end-to-end encryption'.
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It is in the interests of both sides to draw the US in to this conflict!

I encourage everyone of all political leanings to read the posts at
to gain a perspective on how some of the world views us.

"RT (Russia Today) is a global news channel broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios to over 100 countries around the globe. We cover the major events of our time for viewers wishing to question more."

RT ( is the TV and Web arm of Putin's propaganda machine. It has a very large audience and, while most of the posts are the typical innocuous spin, the conversations often degrade into USA bashing very quickly.

It's eye opening, and somewhat scary.
#ukrainecrisis   #ukraine  
From the moment that Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea cast a new, bitter chill over relations with the West, a sinister jingoistic vibe has pervaded Russia’s capital.
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Michael McGuire

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Gnome 3.12 from gnome-unstable repository!!

Just loaded! It seems stable, passes the reboot test. I successfully updated the only extension I normally use, dash-to-dock. I had problems with the dialog to change font sizes in Terminal.. I'll be going through my other apps today (last testing DVD at my side!!).

What I did::
1 - add gnome-unstable to the list of repositories in /etc/pacman.conf. As the first repository in the list.
2 - Update System in PacmanXG
3 - restart Gnome; [Alt]+[F2]  r  [Enter]
4 - update extensions

Remember it's called unstable for a reason, YMMV!
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No, not yet and I've rebooted three or four times today, much better than my first attempt last week!

So far I've only encountered the font config problem in terminal I mentioned previously and a poorly framed About dialog in spyder (but that's QT based). 

I'm out for the rest of the day so I'll resume playing tonight.
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Michael McGuire

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Gnome 3.12 questions...
I installed testing 2014-03-23 this morning in anticipation of the Gnome 3.12 release on 3/26 (hopefully).

Will it be pushed to us on Wednesday? Can I just Update System in pacmanXG to install the latest; what steps are involved? 

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I installed it this morning out of curiosity ;-) ..everything is going smoothly. I already miss my cinnamon though haha
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Is this Retail 3.0?

A Manhattan boutique called Story has a new approach to retail marketing.

"Story has the point of view of a magazine, everything changes every four to eight weeks like a gallery, and it sells things like a store,” said Rachel Shechtman, Story’s owner. “A magazine tells stories between pictures and written words, and we do it through merchandising and events. And our version of publishing is sponsorship.”
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Michael McGuire

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Telegram for security! Both UIs seem a bit busy to me.
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In addition to all that's been said about the pancakes and omelletes; the coffee is really good. I usually buy a bag to go (it's their own blend and they sell bulk).
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