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Great post "What's in a Name" about the value of theme in your classroom. Check it out on 

Welcome to the Explore Like a Pirate community on Google + Feel free to post and share ideas that help inspire others. 

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Here is where I will be at tomorrow!!! Join me! 
Hope everyone has had a great summer!

After attending a #coffeeEDU at #ISTE2015, I really wanted to bring that experience to Wisconsin.  Mainly due to the efforts of Michael Jaber, our first #coffeeEDU  event will be held at 9am in Sheboygan on August 14th. If you can make the drive, it'd be a great time of fellowship with other passionate educators.

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Join #edbean  tonight at 9 CST talking old school ideas reinvented for the new classroom on twitter. Love to see new faces to this educational chat. See questions and this weeks video at the site. 

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Join me Tuesday at 9CST on #EDBEAN  chatting about kickin it old school. Old ideas reworked for a new age. Watch this weeks funny video that we will use as a launching point. Questions are also listed on the page. 

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This looks sweet. 
In 6th grade social studies, students got involved in the #MakerMovement as we did a project from the magazine MAKE, which is all about making, tinkering and creating. Inspired by the Inca's amazing engineering skills and particularly their achievement of building suspension bridges across deep canyons in the Andes, we decided to make bridges. As mentioned we first researched the Incas and saw some of their designs.

Our bridges were made with popsicle sticks, wooden squares and hot glue guns. We worked in groups of 4-5 students as we followed to the best of our ability the bridge instructions while adding strategic designs of our own. 

After taking 3 class days to build our bridges, we decided to test out the weight of each bridge. This was a very exciting day as the students had worked hard throughout the project and filmed each and every step. To test the bridges, we used our social studies textbooks and to our surprise one of the bridges actually held 44 textbooks, which is the equivalent of 57 kilograms!

To reflect on the project, each team made a video about the process and what went well with their designs or what could have been improved in their structures.

Overall, the 6th graders learned a lot as they worked together and all came up with great reflections about their bridges. 

Here is a youtube playlist of several of the videos from our class. 

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Now that is something I have to checkout. Thanks for sharing. 
This is awesome. Create tabs using a spreadsheet list. So cool, +Alice Keeler! 

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Awesome idea that I hope my school can embrace. Forward thinking 
Great to see a DC Public Schools giving teachers choice with their professional growth, trusting them to lead their own learning. Hope to see more districts and schools move towards personalized PD models. 
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