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This show ain't coming to my town, but if it's coming to yours, you'll have a night of joy.
Driftless Pony Club is going on tour again! w/Hank Green, Harry and the Potters, Andrew Huang, & Rob Scallon
Get tickets and more info here!

April 18 @ Metro

April 19 @ Magic Stick

April 20 @ The Agora

April 21 @ Rex Theater

April 22 @ Union Transfer

April 24 @ Black Cat

April 25 @ Middle East

April 26 @ Gramercy Theater
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Dan Brown (of YouTube and Fuse TV) has a uniqe perspective on the sexual abuse revelations that have been hitting in waves since March of this year. 
Why have so many of my famous video blogging peers become sexual predators?
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I talk about the excellent character work and the very bad science in this weekend's episode
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Jack Howard talks about the YouTube abuse scandal. Good perspective, strong message, very well expressed. He starts by reflecting on whether he is late to address the topic. I only wish this was late in the process. Sadly, I think it's still very early. There's lots to be said and not everything that needs to be said needs to be new. These are messages that need to be said and heard and said and heard again and again. Thank you, Jack.
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Did I upload a Doctor Who Review last night? Yes, I did. Did I like Episode 4? Yes, I did.
Will I upload another review this morning? Yes, I will.
Did I like Episode 5, too? Stay tuned.
Another great review. You make me want to start watching the show again. P.S. Haven't had the opportunity to see Adaptation yet. I don't have a Netflix account, so I've got to find a friend who owns it. P.S. P.S. Watched THE PLAYER this weekend. You should review it, too.
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If you love movies and you've never seen Adaptation, let me explain why you should find it and watch it. Hilarious, harrowing, and inspired filmmaking from screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Spike Jonze.
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If the person typing tells the computer what the word is, how does the captcha test if it is the right word?
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Very late with this. But when you watch, you'll see why.
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Does bad science matter in fantasy science fiction? How about atrocious science? This weekends episode included howlers about landing on the moon with a space shuttle orbiter, tides, single-cell organisms with teeth, magical mass, and more. My review doesn't even begin to cover it. How does the community feel about it?

The drama and the character conflict were excellent. So were the production values.
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+Gregory Sterner Well, of course, the "fi" part of sci-fi presuposes moving beyond science fact. The question is how far can you press it. A good sci-fi universe has thought through what is possible and what isn't. Even a magical realm such as Hogwarts has some limitations. Clearly a story about a man who can change bodies when he's near death and flies in a box that's bigger on the inside has bent the rules that we know. It's just that when you turn all of it into jelly, it becomes less interesting.
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+Francine Hardaway On this topic, I almost feel guilty about being old. I will be safely checked out before this all falls apart.
A pile of studies this week underscored the growing consequences of climate change.
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This is a must watch. Kevin Gisi has been thinking just a little deeper than I have about the interest economy of Social Media. Others have called this "the attention economy," but Kevin's terminlogy gives us new inights into the the corrosive impact of social media on creativity. 
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