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An argument for full-screen ads. Makes more sense than I thought it would.
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I like the idea, but I think there's a huge lapse in thinking there. We (usually) don't mind full page magazine ads (when it's not 80% of the content) because it's easy and intuitive to skip them. If I had to scroll through a magazine, I would hate full page ads.

I'm all for less clutter, but advertisers already see this. When I look at, I see two ads. The clutter there is the actual content, not the ads. We're not living in the late 90s as the presentation tries to suggest.
But the touch example is more like showing a teaser below that you have to swipe up to reveal.
I think that strategy could work very well in mobile where swiping is becoming the standard pagination technique. It would not offend me to flip past a page containing a full-screen ad in the middle of an article, and if the ad were interesting enough I'd definitely click it.
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