Better make my mind up here with 10 days to go. BT 4 is definitely a bonus.
Pebble Smartwatch adds Bluetooth 4.0

Alright, it appears that this may be the last of the improvements to the smartwatch during its run on Kickstarter, which has now crested $9 million in funding with 10 days remaining. Adding Bluetooth 4.0 was probably the most frequent subject of discussion in the forums that they set up for the project and I'm not terribly surprised to see them come through with it. They did say that it probably won't be active at launch, but will be enabled with a later software update. In their own words it's part of their "efforts to Future-Proof Pebble for our Kickstarter backers."

If you've been holding out now is probably the time to buy in as they finally set an upper ceiling of 85,000 total watches that can be 'purchased' during the Kickstarter campaign and they around 75,000 currently. It will of course eventually be generally available for purchase for $150, but it will probably be quite some time after all of the Kickstarter backers receive theirs.

If you are interested in the project and are a Redditor they are doing an AMA session at noon central time today.
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