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Google Plus is coming up to a year old.

I'm really hoping the Apps migration tool is out by then as I'm still forced to juggle two accounts (and keep switching between Firefox and Chrome).
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+Tor Norbye No, haven't. I should start using that especially for dev instead of always incognito'ing. Though I don't actually mind the Firefox switch for Plus; I'm just hoping there's no switch at all.
The profiles thing does work, but it's a bit of pain, and a hack. I now have gmail, calendar & contacts on Apps only, and bookmarks, G+ and other things on my "normal" Google account - but it's not a pretty solution.
I used to use an incognito window for my second login, but it had severe limitations (like no persistent passwords, bookmarks, and most importantly tabs - when restarting my system for upgrades I'd lose it all). With profiles it remembers all the states -- and of course I can switch between more than 2 accounts -@gmail, @google, @android, etc. It works pretty well, you should definitely give it a try.
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