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Good to know the GMail->Apps migration tool is still being worked on, but rather disappointing to learn it won't migrate posts, making me unlikely to use it. Google Plus hasn't exactly embraced Google Apps users, which is why I'm still switching over to Firefox to use Google Plus.

Says +Ronald Ho in comments to linked post:
the migration tool that our team is working on will not migrate your content like pictures and posts. We're working to make sure that your connections can be merged, so that you can move your circles from one profile to another and ensure that followers of that profile will now be following your new profile.
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I waited for Google Apps integration before really diving into G+. It was a shame that it did not occur until October of last year...
I honestly don't think they have any idea how irritating it is to deal with this situation, based on over-promising and truly embarrassing communication skills. How hard is it to decide on one place, and let everyone know clearly how they are getting on and what they are aiming to achieve? Same deal with the G+ API...
We're continuing to work on this, there's some technical hurdles we have to work through and it's taking us longer than expected. thanks for your patience!
+Ronald Ho I've been waiting for months for this tool. I wouldn't care if there were a way to export and reimport everything manually, but there's not. What happened to Data Liberation?
I can't use hangouts to collaborate with my associates without jumping through a bunch of hurdles.
ah thanks for giving this a try - can you let me know what the issues are you're running into?
I have to share docs I want to use from my Apps account to the account I use for g+. My work around is two different browsers open (because multiple login confuses the begeezus out of g+), then share a doc from my app account to g+ account, then collaborate from there. The biggest problem is shared docs don't seem to show up right away which can be frustrating when you're trying to be professional.
Basically the current setup makes using G+ incredibly inefficient for business all the way around. I have 4 businesses and each has it's own apps account. It would be awesome if they could all be associated with each other in some way but I would settle for one.
Great feedback +Scott Wendling. Thanks for being so detailed and thoughtful. So sound like a bunch of different things here:
- Multiple login - hangouts currently doesn't do multilogin that well. The work around here is to login with the account that you want to use G+ on FIRST. This will all hangouts will use that account.
- Docs collaboration - the way I solve this issue is create a shared folder that is shared with all the accounts - I then add the doc to that folder each time and all accounts will automatically get access. What sort of delay are you seeing with the permissioning?
Late to the party.. but this is SO frustrating.
Point is, G+ is already behind in terms of Facebook and Twitter.  Its hard enough managing a 3rd network, but we love Google, so we give it a shot.  But, with apps, they now make me try to manage 2 logins, and thus pages, for essentially the same function?!  
In essence, I agree with +Andy Nash and others.. like any other site anywhere..(!), they should allow me to have ONE G+ page with ONE login and share to my chosen circles.  I mean, the whole point of circles is to have a single, filterable network, right?
And I should be able to change my primary email address. It needs to be that simple or, as I've experienced, G+ for me - with gmail and an apps account - is unusable.
Let me access my G+ page via gmail or apps account.
You're not late to the party really +Andrew Collins as it still hasn't been solved! Over a year now. People keep circling me  on the other address because, you know, it's my real email address that they know me from. And I have to tell them I don't exist there.

Meanwhile, I can't take advantage of all these great "social layer" integrations I hear about as I don't use Google Apps, Google search etc etc etc from the same account as my Plus account :/
Thanks +Michael Mahemoff - all i know is that gmail existed before apps, I signed up via gmail and all I want to do is have a simple connection to a single G+ page; accessible via a connected account.  The Google error is in trying to make me use 2 pages for a single function.  It logically goes against the point of circles.  I fired this (apps) one up today, after trying to avoid it for a year.. apps is where I hangout everyday.. this comment that I'm writing is laid over my apps Gmail account (perfect UX for me)
As such, G+ should be a spoke that I can connect with through multiple hubs if I desire (as I desire)!
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