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  • Player FM
    Chief Experience Officer, 2011 - present
  • Google
    Developer Relations, 2010 - 2011
  • Osmosoft, BT
    Senior Architect championing Open Source and Web Standards, 2007 - 2010
  • Enterprise Java, PHP, Rails Web Dev
    Various enterprises/startups, 1997 - 2007
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It's So Just Cloud! Xoogler making podcasts cool again at Player FM.
Full-stack developer, former Googler, and writer/speaker/loudmouth on all things tech, with a focus on web, user experience, developer experience, and open source. Here on the plus, I manage +Player FM and +Developer Experience pages, moderate Hacker News and Podcasting communities, and share funny-sounding goat videos.


Left gainful employment at Google 2 days after Plus went public. Nothing personal, notice had already been given I assure you :). Did some consulting and public speaking work, made some micro-apps I'd been planning (e.g. and then went full-time on Player FM, something I've been dreaming about since podcasting began in 2004, when I made the gorgeously-styled FAQ at! Previously wrote Ajax Design Patterns (O'Reilly 2006) and blogged for Ajaxian.

These are a few of my favourite things on G+:
  • Web/HTML5/Android/Rails development
  • UX
  • DX (Developer Experience)
  • Podcasting
  • Shiny
A few things I've worked on in the past ...

Web apps:
And a few single-serving sites for a laff:

Chrome apps/extensions: Humans.txt extension (, also a Chrome Boilerplate (, etc.

Content: Blogging at, wrote Ajax Design Patterns for O'Reilly (, some older stuff at Also blogged for Ajaxian and guest blogged on

PhD: Called "Design Reuse in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction", my PhD considered the role of design patterns (a new topic in software at the time!) in improving user experience. for proof there was a time when people stuck postscript files on the web.

As well as front-end web development, I've done my my share of Java and J2EE in various small and large organisations. Since around 2005, I've mostly been running Rails, PHP, Node, and Python on the  back-end.

User Experience: I've been fortunate to perform several user experience roles (helps to get one's foot in the door as a developer first ;). In financial services, I was able to visit trading rooms and redesign a front-end market-maker app. In medicine, I spent time in an Intensive Care Unit to design a mobile (Palm Pilot!) app to support medical decision-making ( I lectured Human-Computer Interaction for a semester at the University of Melbourne's Department of Information Systems.

About Circling You Back: ("Awkward ♫")
There are people who I should have circled, but haven't, including some who've circled me. Now some of you don't care much about that and others of you are Visually Pleasant Spambots from the Planet SocialMedium, in which case you don't need to, or - contingent on your crawling algorithm - will not, read this. But if you do care about being followed back, please read on ...

I'm probably not following you because there's no good, time-efficient, tools for this yet. I do use the suggestion tool and keep an eye on people who are circling me, but it's certainly possible I'll miss you. Especially if we haven't met, we don't have "N people in common", you don't work anywhere I recognise, or your avatar doesn't insanely stand out, since those are the only clues that G+ provides for now in the "circled you" interface. Those are not very strong signals and I'm sure I'd follow many people outside those criteria.

So if I happen to miss you when you circle me, I'm more likely to see you again if you leave a comment or share my story. I'm not saying that to bait for those things, it's just that right now there's not much other way to notice someone. Beyond that, what would make me follow you are the usual suspects: you contribute interesting content here and engage with people. I do hope this is an area where G+ improves.
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  • University of Melbourne
    PhD, 1997 - 2001
    User Experience Patterns ("Design Reuse in Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction")
  • University of Melbourne
    B. Sc. (Hons), 1992 - 1996
    Psychology major
  • University of Melbourne
    B. Eng., 1992 - 1996
    Software Engineering major Non-technical electives: Linguistics, Marketing, Accounting
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Michael Mahemoff

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So damn true about these web versus native debates.

User first!
I've seen people almost burst into tears when confronted with the fact that their favorite technology is loosing market share, for no particular reason. This is nuts. The "native vs. web" battle on...
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According to the help page "Your credit card will only be charged if you are assigned a ticket."
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Michael Mahemoff

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How HTTP Client Libraries Should Support Redirects

I don’t think I’ve ever come across an HTTP library (and I’m including XMLHttpRequest here) that covers all bases on redirects. In the hope of pushing the field forward, here is my wishlist. I’m limiting this to just GETs as it gets even more complicated with the mutating actions.
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+Tom Insam This is referring to Player FM's server-side crawler. Essentially there's an alias table to track permanent redirects so if a user subscribes to an old feed, they'll be pointing to the same record as if they subscribe to the new one.
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Michael Mahemoff

API Discussion  - 
What's current best practice for polling an online resource, in a packaged app?

I thought maybe event pages would have some periodic cron type event, but doesn't seem to be the case. So it makes me think a background script is the way to go.
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That's it, thanks.
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Michael Mahemoff

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Now there are even #Heartbleed jokes... (at least, the geeks amongst us will find this one funny)
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Michael Mahemoff

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Great example of designing for curation.
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Michael Mahemoff

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 Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Just a great bed and sleeping. And you know what would be great? Not a single email. No emails! 
Tom Ford, talking with Kinvara Balfour at the Apple Store on Regent Street store in London, when asked about his “greatest luxury”.
(There’s a full podcast — video too — of his talk here.)
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Michael Mahemoff

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+Mike Wallace Here's a bit more of the video
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Will Moto 360 also ship with a floppy drive? Will it support double-density and write-protection?

30 years of Smartwatch predictions
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80s rock!
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