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Een ei is geen dood hoopje onzin die in perioden van miljarden jaren tot levensvormen evolueert

GOD vs goden (in Jip  en Janneke taal)

GODDELIJK eerst  ALLE Creaties dan Evolueren
KIP....mieren,schildpadden,struisvogels etc......daarna EI

WERELDS eerst Evolueren dan één Creatie
àTheisten zijn tegen-strijders

Zijn valse dilemma's die misleiding en verwarring zaaien
De DUIVEL heeft abnormale àTheisten in zijn macht
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Da LightRaiser

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If you want a leader, you are still not ready for freedom!
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Da LightRaiser

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Jon Lee
¡viva la evolución!
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Da LightRaiser

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People around the world are searching for ways to help #Nepal, as shown in this chart of searches for ‘Nepal’ and ‘help’ in various languages in the earthquake’s aftermath. For our part, we’ve launched Person Finder to help people find family and friends affected by the disaster, and we’ve made calls to Nepal from anywhere in the world 1¢/min (normally 19¢/min) to help people connect. We chose 1¢/min, instead of making calls free, to prevent spammers abusing the offer and adding more load to the already stretched Nepalese telephone network. More info at:
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Da LightRaiser

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Da LightRaiser

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Ignorance is the root of all evil.
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Unknown track of Bob Marley & The Wailers

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