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Michael Lucas
Best-selling author. Martial arts. Pet rats. Hot & cold running insolence.
Best-selling author. Martial arts. Pet rats. Hot & cold running insolence.

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I need to build a one page static web site that looks good, for a combined author presence page. ("Here's fiction! Here's nonfiction! Here are the mailing lists! Here's a pretty banner! Here's a not so pretty pic of me!") Call it four links and 1-2 pics.

If it wasn't for the "looks good" bit, I'd just hand-code me some HTML and be done with it.

I don't want to fire up a Wordpress instance for just one page. I really, truly don't.

I hear that people have invented new ways to design simple web sites that contain less suck than, say, my hand-maintained If anyone knows, it's you people. Any suggestions or pointers?

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Every so often I get an email complaining something like “Why do you put women in your tech books? There really aren’t that many women in computing, and your Social Justice Warrior crap really distracts from the content.” As a tabletop RPG fan, I think I…

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I’ll be at the Troy Public Library on 27 February, at 7 PM, giving a new talk on writing High Performance Nonfiction. If you want to know how I write my books, come find out. Please register beforehand at the event site. I’ve thought of writing a book on…

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Wow. Them Canucks take their hockey DEADLY SERIOUS.

The appalling shell command of the day:

$ printf "GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n" | nc -ce -T muststaple 443

To be truly, unspeakably vile, though, one must use OpenSSL instead of OpenBSD nc.

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I know more than one group of technologists that can't meet in the USA, ever since 2001 and the Patriot Act.

But for the Internet Engineering Task Force, the folks who design the Internet, to no longer meet in the US... that's HUGE.

It's a massive hit to our innovation. And it makes it more expensive and costly to be on the leading edge of tech.

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I’ll be talking at Kansas LinuxFest on May 13-14 2017. It’s an organized sort of talking, not just my usual disconnected babble. Probably on PAM and sudo.

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Submitting to +BSDCan? Want a better chance of acceptance? My experiences reading proposals. - CFP ends TODAY!
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