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It looks like OpenROV (BeagleBone based) is doing fairly well!

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I just backed my first Kickstarter project, the Pixy: a fast, easy-to-use vision sensor. I'm looking forward to getting it working with my BeagleBone Black.

Check it out here:

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Here is a pretty cool looking Indiegogo campaign with the BeagleBone Black at the core.

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Ahh, my new nerd toy has finally arrived. Aoyue hot air/soldering/vacuum system.

But I don't have anything to solder right now... :/

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Microsoft is a public relations nightmare. First they try to lock down their developers and tell gamers that you can't even resell your games or play them without an internet connection.

After doing a 180 on that due to the incredible backlash, they are now saying they won't release the drivers for their next version of the Kinect.

Yeah, I wouldn't want those crazy robots using my sensors either... The Kinect is designed for gaming and I won't have anyone using it for practical purposes like computer vision!
Microsoft has “no plans” to release open-source drivers for next-gen Kinect

Last night, we heard from a member of the Kinect for Windows developer team that they have “no plans” to release open source drivers for the next generation Kinect, meaning that all of the awesome and magical things that the original Kinect enabled for robotics won’t evolve into even more awesome and more magical things with Microsoft’s new sensor.


#xbox   #kinect  

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I'm a few days late but Part 2 in my "How to Design a PCB" series proved to be a bit more in depth than I originally planned. In this part we take a look at how to take your design from a schematic all the way to manufacturing. Enjoy, share, and let me know what you think!

For anyone who is curious, the results for the TI Intern Design contest are in. The SensorCape took "Best Technical Design" and the Gaming Cape took "People's Choice"

If you haven't seen the Gaming Cape yet, you should check it out, it's kind of awesome.

And here is the project page for the SensorCape.

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A recent announcement from AT&T shows that they are redesigning their stores to focus less on the actual experience of buying an item and to focus more on the physical aspect of business, like touching and testing out the new products.

There is significant research that shows customers are willing to pay more for a product after they have touched it. That's often all it takes.

So for those of you with brick & mortar stores, could you see something like this working for you?
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