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I always get tickled when an article appears that tries to downplay fragmentation on Android especially when the author claims to be a developer or says that it no longer is possible with Android. 

:: Sigh :: 

So I swooped in again to set the record straight from my developer perspective having used every version of Android v1.0 on up. I won't go into my detailed response, but you can view it in the comments and from this direct link:

In short, for fragmentation to be significantly minimized for developers the SDK needs to be separated from the firmware & OS / hard release cycles such that the SDK can be updated without bumping the firmware in a similar manner that the Google Play store can be updated to all applicable devices. 

There are more modern engineering approaches that allow this.. I've been working on cracking that nut for a while.

*And queue blatant self promo* This is exactly the solution TyphonRT provides to Android and beyond via a highly modular and component oriented middleware framework on top of all versions of Android and J2SE creating a "meta-SDK".. :)
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