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Ah, so no BABBQ for me this year.. I remain optimistic for the organization behind it and am glad to see them continue to expand (BABBQ Netherlands) and with other initiatives via IDEAA. I kind of knew there was going to be few spots to speak when I heard back at I/O they were having half Google speakers. It'll be interesting to see where BABBQ goes in the future from here.

I am providing a pretty neat and modern platform alternative for developers that still fully embraces the Android ecosystem and the most visible design aspects. Stay tuned...  :: shakes dice :: Come on Droidcon don't let me down. ;P 
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Well if you are going to be on the bleeding edge you gotta expect to bleed once in a while.. ;p I do hope I get a chance to present at a conference soon.... I'm ready to rock & roll Droidcon; just saying.. ;p
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Michael Leahy

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So on the West Coast there is a new Android developer conference coming to town and I couldn't be more excited! The fine folks behind Droidcon NYC are bringing Droidcon to SF! This is the Android conference to attend! It's a conference for developers by developers and better represents all of Android; mainstream or otherwise. While I have no idea if my presentation will be accepted you better believe I submitted it the moment the speaker form opened up last week. If you are an Android developer looking for a conference to attend this fall I recommend Droidcon SF over AnDevCon. Without a doubt the Droidcon phenomenon has been a breath of fresh air all around the world and I'm glad it's finally reaching SF! Save money and learn more at Droidcon!
Droidcon San Francisco 2015. The Droidcon conferences around the world support the Android platform and create a global network for developers and companies.
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Michael Leahy

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Is it just me or when I read at the end of linked Android developers blog post and see "It's all about developers" I start coughing uncontrollably.. OpenCL OpenCL.. OpenCL.. It's not all about developers until the full bevy of Khronos APIs are supported as first rate citizens. The good thing is that Vulkan brings graphics and compute together, so the NIH syndrome so easily seen in most of Googles efforts will have a harder time excluding what we really want as developers which is cross-platform open standards over home rolled Android only APIs no one wants to use. 

There must have been a changing of the guard behind the Android scene. I'm not criticizing per se.. Just why now? Who finally came to their senses and decided to include the common ones too? Vulkan is a compute API too.. Does this mean folks inside Google are ready to finally minimize Renderscript and support an API developers truly want? 

I mean this is all good and well.. Granted the "it's all about developers" tag line in the blog post is about supporting OpenGL ES & Vulkan, but I just hope Google actually does fully embrace Vulkan... All of it including compute! It would be sweet to see OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan APIs in Android M (and bug tested Java bindings). I might be more forgiving at that point and able to forget past foibles... ;)

All I can say is that thank goodness no one inside Google had lofty ambitions to home roll their own next gen graphics API or if that was the case someone actually told them to shut it... Phew... bullet dodged... 
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Depending on who you are (err, this guy.. ;P) you won't touch RenderScript with a 10' pole. So that was more my addition to the conversation.

It depends what the use case is I suppose, but as long as one is supporting GLES 3.1+ capable hardware compute shaders have already provided an alternate compute path that is available via standard Android APIs today. Heck if you are doing image processing only via Renderscript one can easily put together a Bitmap image processing pipeline by GLES 3.0 / PBO to feed back into the Android 2D API. 

I mentioned RenderScript above because I think it's absolutely fantastic that Khronos made Vulkan a single API for desktop & mobile with graphics & compute rolled into one API. There is no separate OpenCL API for Google to ignore and devalue.   This is akin to Khronos rolling in compute shaders to GLES 3.1. 

The path of least resistance with Vulkan is to support all of Vulkan otherwise conformance is broken (can't call it Vulkan!). It's likely since Google didn't strip compute shaders from GLES 3.1 support that they will just swallow the Vulkan pill and get on with it and let us all get on with it. 

The nice thing is that GLES 3.1 capable hardware is compatible with Vulkan pending drivers, so by the time we get drivers there will be a fair amount of devices in the wild which support it. Goodness it would be super sweet to see Google and potentially vendors release Vulkan drivers as soon as they are available regardless if Google wants to provide Java bindings out of the gate. First drivers may even be available before Android M, but it will likely be sometime next year that availability will make it to actual devices. 

The developer community like always should make the battle cry loud for Vulkan from Google, but more importantly all OEM vendors. 
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Michael Leahy

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Disco party fish.. Well, I finally made it to the SF Academy of Sciences nightlife event. Actually haven't been to the new space and it's pretty cool and totally beats out the NYC natural science museum, but that is because everything is pretty modern in design which is neat. 
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Michael Leahy

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Well... This is interesting news... I look forward to checking it out next week!
Another 3 weeks have past, another RoboVM release is due! This time we have something very special to announce. RoboVM Studio. Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 15.53.02. At RoboVM, we believe everyone should use the tools they love. Some people live entirely on the command line, others prefer Eclipse, ...
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Michael Leahy

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So the short ribs returned this week as I had a little experiment to run as I'm making a bunch of short ribs this weekend along with ~22lbs of pork shoulder for pulled pork for ~50 people while camping. I got a large (21 1/2 quart) All American pressure cooker and it'll be interesting because it doesn't have a quick release valve. I did a test and it takes ~25 minutes to come down to equalization, so the timing of the cook is different. The test I ran with this meal though was searing the short ribs and then vacuum sealing them and freezing them and then defrost and cook. Things came out great, so I seared all the short ribs for the weekend before sealing and freezing. Doing all this prep work in the kitchen makes it soooo much easier in the forest! In addition I made a ton of celery root puree and sealed / froze it along with making my "Southwestern ras el hanout" BBQ rub and working it into all the short ribs and pork shoulder. I'll definitely post some picts how it all comes out this weekend in the woods.

In the pict the short ribs are on some creamed spinach and roasted carrots, brussel sprouts, & mushrooms on the right.
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You had to go and spoil it with those veges ;-) 
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Michael Leahy

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What a fun weekend. Finally got away from "The Bubble" for a few days of outdoors exploring. A little off-roading, some good food, and friends.. Well, it's back to work though and I can't wait to announce soon what I've been up to over the past couple of months. Stay tuned...
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Michael Leahy

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So, I guess with a somewhat heavy heart I feel compelled to comment on AnDevCon and BZ Media the organization behind this conference and others. The gist of this post is that I am giving BZ Media a public vote of no confidence. After four years of speaking at AnDevCon I am no longer going to submit presentations to any BZ Media conferences. It's no secret to presenters and for that matter attendees that BZ Media uses a stack ranking system for presenters.  I've been deemed a "poor performer" and my presentation for the upcoming AnDevCon was denied. Denied not based on merit or content, but because not enough attendees voted for my previous presentations. Stack ranking is a flawed system as it doesn't provide or adjust for context. Important topics may not be popular. For instance at the '13 SF AnDevCon my presentation about OpenCL for Android was on the last day and last slot of the conference. I had ~20 in attendance of which ~5 submitted reviews; all positive w/ one outlier mentioning I didn't blow their mind, etc. There were no problems with the content or presentation. It's ridiculous because of course I didn't have as many attendees at my presentation being at the end of conference. You can actually view this talk which I also gave at OnAndroidConf here ( This video received on average 400% more views than any other OnAndroidConf presentation except for Havok's game engine which also received about the same amount. Now, I can go on with examples that provide context. Last year I had plenty of people at my presentation on compute shaders / OpenGL ES 3.1, but perhaps not enough submitted reviews. Out of this talk came the useful repos demonstrating modern GL for Android / Java ( Too bad the stars on these repos aren't considered as performance. The amount of speakers that provide working code to back their presentations is small and I always attempt to provide code examples. I picked up the Nexus 6 on the way to AnDevCon and had up to the moment content in my presentation on OpenGL ES 3.1 support on Android.  I also participated in the Intel startup after party and engaged many attendees with an interactive display with the video tech I've developed and helped two attendees win the 1st & 3rd prizes given away. Too bad that isn't counted as participation or adding value.

I usually speak about engine / low level graphics development / open standards and in general these areas fall outside mainstream Android development topics. It'd be nice to think someone else will take up the mantle of speaking about open standards as they apply to Android though likely that will not be the case as AnDevCon transitions to only representing the mainstream. As an independent engine / framework developer there is great freedom in being able to speak honestly about open standards. Unfortunately many in the industry can't speak about open standards due to business concerns; most notably hardware / SoC manufacturers. 

A most memorable experience at AnDevCon was after my '13 lightning talk in front of the main audience about OpenCL and Google's suppression of the tech on Android came when I spoke with senior folks from a well known SoC OEM. These folks thanked me for this presentation mentioning that they are in full support of OpenCL and that they are perplexed by Google and that they can't again for business reasons make such public statements themselves.

Now BZ Media can select whoever they want to speak for whatever reason. They are a for profit company and their conferences are the only thing that has saved them from total default. However, stack ranking is a symptom of poor management / lack of understanding (or passion) and in the case of BZ Media it shines through as in my experience talking with many BZ Media folks over the last four years I never detected anyone having a solid grasp or care for actual aspects, technical or otherwise, in respect to Android.

Nevertheless in streamlining the conference from 4 to 3 days I didn't make the cut. Again not because of the content or my ability to convey difficult topics. I suppose you could say that I'm not a "poor performer", but simply "not profitable". I'm an independent after all and don't represent a large corporation with brand name recognition. I'm never going to sponsor AnDevCon or buy a booth. 

Anyway, all of this hit me kind of hard last week as I've been on a tear for the past couple of months working on a new platform which I'll be making public soon; this was the topic of the presentation. It's some fine work and I've been working overtime on it having gotten back into an aggressive work schedule adopting a 24 hour on / off schedule sustaining 72 or 96 hours a week effort depending on which day of the week my first coding session starts. I look forward to presenting on this effort at conferences other than AnDevCon. 

Basically I extended a tremendous amount of goodwill towards AnDevCon / BZ Media and while it always has been more or less a zero sum game I can no longer ignore that and my only option is not to play so to speak. For a while they were the only game in town to present about Android topics... In my next post I'll mention the conference that really represents the full scope of Android development.

I'll get this one quip in though before I quit here....

AnDevCon: the Yahoo of Android developer conferences; too big to fail and increasingly irrelevant. 
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That's kind of my view as well especially considering that I'm sure Droidcon is not going to stop at SF & NYC especially if more folks get involved on the organization side besides the NYC contingent.

I don't know any speakers from AnDevCon that think highly of BZ Media and these generally negative sentiments have been around for years; granted not everyone is going to make a public comment. As far as money makers go AnDevCon is the main conference likely supporting BZ Media's existence as they never were important or relevant as a tech media publisher. None of the other conferences they've put on have gained critical traction. Treating and / or making speakers feel uncomfortable without reasonable justification is going to hurt them sooner than later.
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Michael Leahy

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I'm glad Google is releasing APIs like this, but I'll take an actually working and nearly bug free BLE stack on Android any day over more APIs piled on top of an unreliable BLE stack. 
Introducing Nearby for Android and iOS.

Use Nearby Messages to build proximity into your apps. Help users work and play better together, when they are together.
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#DOD   #Data   #Oriented   #Design  

It's nice to see data oriented design get an ever so brief highlight on the Android developers blog. This approach is just as applicable in Java or any language really and certainly for anything and is not limited to game development. It's why all my code including the video engine runs super fast before and after ART / Android 5.0; there is no noticeable performance difference. Also check out the +Data Oriented Design group here on G+ or some of my tech ramblings on my profile from the past several years.. ;P 
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Michael Leahy

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So camping this past weekend was a blast. Great music the whole weekend and lots of fun down by the river and hiking. On Saturday night I made plates of short ribs and celery root puree for friends including a few new ones camping nearby. However, we kicked off Friday night after getting setup w/ some oysters and that set the tone for the weekend of food and fun. On Sunday night I cooked 22lbs of pork shoulder to make pulled pork tacos. Using the remaining celery root puree on top of flour or corn tortillas with the pulled pork + a slaw w/ pineapple + pickled tomatoes / cucumbers + various microgreens. Everyone liked it and I made about 40+ plates and there was extra for folks to snack on later (kept warm too!). As things go it was just me serving, so I had my hands full and didn't get any pictures between just about putting the sauce on the pulled pork to when I finally made my own plate last after it got a bit dark. It turned out great and folks had lots of good comments. :D
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If that's camping, I want to see when you go fine dining! 
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Michael Leahy

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So this is last nights dinner and I switched to making some fish. Halibut w/ fried shaved baby fennel & caviaroli (olive oil caviar) and a cream sauce underneath w/ maitake mushrooms + opal basil + capers. I kept it simple w/ some snow peas and what really brought the dish together was the side salad of frisee + compressed chioggia beets + opal basil leaves because it had a more forward acidity & a bit of sweetness that balanced the rest of the main. For dessert poached pears + raspberry dust.

(reminder: if you are not into food posts unfollow this collection;

I'm actually back on my low carb / high fat diet. So, only really have been eating meals more or less what I've posted in the last week every few days. Basically I'm also doing alternative day fasting or calorie restriction between meals and I do sort of an oil (MCT / fish / flax seed) "fast". To get things ramped up I go 2-4 days between meals instead of every other day. I guess I can do this because I work from home and do a ~10 minute workout a day. I've found once you ween yourself off carbs one is not perpetually hungry. I also take multivitamins and drink a good deal of water. And then eat well when I do have a meal. I guess I feel less bad splurging on fancy ingredients making a meal every few days.

I still need to work on plating. That Halibut filet is so huge, so once I start making tasting menu sized portions it will be much easier to plate a bit more gracefully. This is one downside of a diet is that I still "supersize" the portions when I do cook which makes plating nicely harder. 

Well, ~15 lbs down from when I started earlier in May. Almost back to my pre-NYC weight. Oi I ate so much and so well there with no rules.. yeah... 
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That halibut looks amazing! Now I'm hungry!
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    • 2014 Nov; AnDevCon VIII; OpenGL ES 3.1 / compute shaders. 
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    • 2013 OctOnAndroidConfAn introduction to OpenCL for Android / mobile.
    • 2012 MayAnDevCon IIIPerformance Java for Android. 
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    • 2010 July; SF Android User Group; real time apps/games for Android
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