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There she is! Videos should be up on Friday.
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now all we need is a thunderbold sync cable for iphone ipad itouch maybe thats next model
I must say... Your car is very clean!
Tyler, my car is my castle, I keep it clutter free and spotless. Besides, with the way I drive, crap would be flying everywhere if I didn't. That's only a semi-exageration ;).
I don't have my license yet but I hope my car will be close to as nice as yours. I have a quick question for you: Is the iPad cheaper to order online or at the Apple Store?
That looks awesome, did you take that image with an iPhone.
K thanx nd when will u upload thunderbold display video on youtube 
Not sure about iOS 5, but I suspect around the week of October 4th, just before the new iPhones arrive.
Nice Mike, I'm looking forward to watch that video. Will it be unboxing and demo or just a review?
The display is fantastic, looks great, works great...I have a full review up if you want to check out all the details.
nice i wish i have everything like you
Is the a 21.5inch Thunderbolt Display ?
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