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Michael Kuechenmeister
I write software and make beer.
I write software and make beer.

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What a remarkably divisive and ridiculous statement to make.

But then she says, "They will be hurting the children and families who can least afford it". Yeah, why don't you tell those kids with apathetic parents in an already underfunded school how they have a choice, or why don't you tell those parents whose jobs don't allow them to drive their kids all over the country every day to school, you miserable ignorant fool.

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No, actually, the students walking out on a government official without facing retaliation from them is the exact right given by 1A, not forcing them to listen to your empty words from a platform you don't deserve, you pandering dolt.

I just found out my very elderly and very conservative grandma was arguing with her own Trump supporting sons over Trump's actions and presidency. You go, grandma! LOL

Fellow Linux peeps: the fuck you celebrating ransomware spreading on Windows for? Your shitty superiority complex doesn't make things like this any less of a disaster. Lives are affected in a very real way. I know Linux is a less of a target in general, but if you think it's perfect, maybe take a moment and review the largest security risks the last few years on Linux and slap yourself back into reality.

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So glad to see this.

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See? Too stupid and doesn't know how or when to keep his mouth shut, or why.

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"But it's not about racism!"

It has occurred to me that Trump is such a narcissistic lunatic with insecurity issues, an easily bruised ego, and a very large mouth, that all his shenanigans lately can be explained purely with that instead of having anything significant to do with the Russians. He's just too dumb and heavy-handed to be able to carry on some conspiracy or keep any shady deals with the Russians in any way. The people around him? Sure. It may go as far as Kushner, but I doubt they actually trust him to be able to keep his trap shut and I also doubt they trust him with anything that requires critical thinking. He's basically everybody's puppet and scapegoat. If he made a deal with them in any way, he probably would've bragged about it by now. He can't keep to a script to save his life.

Think about it: he fired Comey because he wouldn't pledge his loyalty and his testimony demonstrated he was loyal to no one. He's now upset at Spicer, who has been a loyal boot licker, because his bush incident might've hurt his brand. He's defensive of Flynn because otherwise it means Obama's warning was right and Trump himself was wrong, and he can't stand that idea.

It's the absolute dumbest behavior and explanation but that fits Trump perfectly.

I'm also predicting that, if something does come to light about Trump, the GOP will stall any kind of impeachment proceedings until close to 2 years in (or if the investigation is ongoing, they won't give in to a special prosecutor until then), because then Pence could run for 2 more elections to serve a total of 9-10 years. Incumbents usually have the advantage so I wouldn't doubt that they'd flip after that amount of time. In the meantime, they can push through any experimental or crazy legislation they want, and if it fails, they can blame Trump. The campaigns would be about how responsible they were to investigate someone in their own party.

The GOP could be playing the long con and Trump could be just a big bumbling idiot who happens to be at the center of a bunch of shady AF individuals.

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Kennedy: "Mr. Clapper, have you ever leaked information, classified or unclassified, to a member of the press?"

Clapper: "Well, unclassified is not 'leaking'."

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