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Zombie by Day, Ninja by Night...
Zombie by Day, Ninja by Night...


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I remember when my daughter was small.She had one of those puzzles that had shaped holes in it and a bunches of shaped pieces that fit into the holes. I remember being lucky enough to have been there right at the moment that she solved it. The look of awe, achievement and wonder on her face when it finally clicked to her that she knew what went where. She breathed in making an excited inward sigh of acknowledgement and then proceeded to put all the pieces into the right holes and then looking at me triumphant and holding the puzzle out at arms length with her beaming, grinning little face. I was proud and I gave her a massive hug and telling her so.

A few days later on a dark and freezing December night, I took my daughter for a walk in her pram with me to the local store. As I was pushing her I heard her talking to herself in frustration and struggling. So much so that that an extra blanket I had put over her to keep the cold away was falling off. I stopped the pram and I walked around the front and saw that my daughter was reaching up into the night sky. In her hand was a crescent shaped piece from her puzzle. She was trying very hard to put this piece into the crescent shaped moon in the sky and was getting so frustrated that she couldn't reach.

Yesterday, NASA reached Jupiter with Juno. I now look at the photos that have been sent back so far within it's mission with the same awe, achievement and wonder that my daughter had back then. As we get older and the more we know, the wonders that are around us seem to disappear. We all looked into the night sky as kids and wondered. My daughter could never have reached the moon that night, but as we have progressed as a species and have become more technologically advanced, reaching out into the night sky is now possible. We are travelling further and discovering more now than we ever thought that we would.

This and all of the other scientific mysteries that have been solved or found have been made possible by the people who wondered, dreamed and dared to follow their dreams and continued to solve puzzles. My hat goes off to each and every one of them for keeping the wonder alive in me and reminding me of the great things that humanity can do if we try and never give up. Especially on our dreams.

Oh, and the next time you see a small child solving something. Give them a big hug and just imagine what they may solve in the future and the wonders and mysteries that they could unlock.

#NASA #Juno #Jupiter #Dreams #NeverGiveUp #Wonder #Space #Love #Learn

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Even Facehuggers need love.

#Alien #Aliens #SciFi #Movie

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Steam Hacked....

Do Not:

Click on any steam links
Don't use your account
Don't use the Steam Client (or mobile app)
Don't buy anything
Don't UNlink or Link your PayPal account


Do contact your card issuer if connected to steam
Do Contact your bank if connected to steam
Do Contact PayPal if connected to steam

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Happy #BackToTheFuture Day! 

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Working in I.T. is getting more stressful...

Do you feel more stressed at work? If your job is in IT then the answer is probably yes, according to a new survey from security and email specialist GFI Software.

The study of over 200 IT administrators in the US finds that 78 percent of those surveyed experience workplace stress, while almost 82 percent of respondents are actively considering leaving their current IT job due to workplace stress and dissatisfaction with working conditions, up from 78.5 percent in 2014.

Key findings include that 45 percent of respondents have missed social functions due to overrunning issues and tight deadlines at work, up from 38 percent in 2014. A further 40 percent also report missing time with their children due to work demands eating into their personal time.

Losing sleep due to work pressure is reported by 38 percent of IT staff and the number of respondents experiencing stress related illnesses increased slightly, to 27 percent from 25 percent in 2014. A further 19 percent continue to report feeling in poor physical condition due to work demands, up two percent from last year.

More than 25 percent report that a relationship or friendship has failed or been severely damaged due to work commitments intruding on personal life.

"Even in an industry like IT that's well-known for being extremely stressful and highly demanding of its workforce, the findings of this year's IT Stress Survey makes for worrying reading. The 2015 survey results clearly show a substantial deterioration of the work/life balance and job satisfaction among the US IT workforce -- quite concerning at a time when the IT sector is playing such a pivotal role in the growth of our economy," says Sergio Galindo, general manager of GFI Software.
The biggest driver of stress is cited by 28 percent as unreasonable demands and pressure from management, though this is down from 36 percent last year. Stress caused by end users is increasing, however, rising from 16 percent last year to 23 percent.

Galindo adds, "Smart employers understand that an over-stressed and unhappy workforce means less productivity, and the higher levels of illness, mistakes and staff turnover directly related to stress can have a very significant and direct cost to the bottom line. Investing in worker happiness and in systems to simplify the job of the IT department is often far cheaper than replacing over-stressed or unhappy staff".

More information along with the full report is available from the GFI website and there's a summary of the results in infographic form here:

More info:

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