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Aurelia and next generation applications with Rob Eisenberg, one of the modern web pioneers who will present his latest "framework" for developing Web / HTML5 / JavaScript. The conference was held Monday, April 13, 2015 at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Montreal.

(unfortunately the video/audio quality is pretty bad, but the talk itself is pretty good)

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so awesome

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Quite cool, I never got to try #ChasingAurora since I don't have a Wii U but now I can finally enjoy the awesome art style and feeling of glorious 2D flight on my Mac! :) It looks like they still need some financial help for their Indiegogo campaign, so might I suggest taking a look at their page and considering helping them out yourself!
Our new game Secrets of Rætikon has launched as Open Alpha on Indiegogo. Watch the trailer, support us, have fun! Feedback welcome!

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Nice! Though I'm still holding my breath to see Microsoft's next PixelSense (née Surface) table looks like. Since they acquired Perceptive Pixel and got Jeff Han on board, it will be sure to be awesome and will almost definitely support stylus input. :)
Who else wants this?

Why is every giant touch-screen product a "solution" for "vertical applications"? It's time for the consumer version!!

#multitouchdisplays   #windows8  

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Looks really nice! I always thought IntelliJ was the nicest Java IDE anyway. (Full article here:
#DevBytes :  Android Studio

Earlier today we announced Android Studio. In this #DevByte , +Tor Norbye gives a quick preview of the IDE based on the community edition of IntelliJ. 

More info:

New multi-column G+ layout is looking good!

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Presentation slides from the UX conference are online! (English) (German)

#UX #UserExperience

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Whether or not you've been following the epic story of Paul Miller's year without internet, you should read this article / watch the related video. It's just incredibly refreshing for someone in the tech community to be willing to think critically / question the mantra of "better life through technology". :) Plus it's just some solid, honest writing.

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Und nochmals mit wunderschönem Logo von +Benjamin Wimmer!
User Experience Konferenz am 4. Mai in Wien im Rahmen der Linuxwochen Wien @ FH Technikum Wien. Der Eintritt ist frei!

+Claudia Oster: Prototyping und User-Testing zum Selbermachen.
+David Höller: Die User Experience meistern
+Wieland Kloimstein: User-Centered Design fürs Parlament
+Michael Klein: System-Performance als User Experience Katastrophe
+Max Scheugl: Mobile Web App Design - Wie man Bankkunden begeistert     

Mehr Infos:

#ux   #uxwien  
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