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When you find yourself about to play a single round of Prisoner's Dilemma, change the payoff matrix.

golden balls. the weirdest split or steal ever!
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This isn't quite a classic prisoner's dilemma. In the classic one, even if you steal, I prefer steal to split. In this one, if you steal I'm indifferent, so I may as well split. (Am I wrong about this?)

Nick's presented arguing strategy is very interesting. I am kind of mad at myself that I failed to predict Nick's final choice, which in retrospect is blindingly obvious. I suppose that makes for great television, too.
Yeah, technically and monetarily, this is on the borderline between Prisoner's Dilemma, in which steal dominates split, and Chicken, in which I'd rather Split if you're going to Steal.

I'd say human nature pushes it towards being a PD -- people are likely to be pissed at someone who they feel robbed them of a chance at money, so would rather leave the other player with nothing. But Nick's proposal pushes it hard back in the direction of being Chicken instead. Hence "change the payoff matrix."
Of course the most important line in the video is, "You cannot change your balls now." It just shows that it takes a lot of balls to play that game.
It's always hard, with dialect issues and whatnot, but can I safely assume that the whole thing being a giant "balls" joke is deliberate?
Am I the only one having trouble with the audio?
just saw this Michael. It is brilliant and agonizing in one.
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