Accretionary Wedge #40: Geo-Pumpkins: A Call For Posts.

On October 7th I issued a challenge on my blog ( asking all interested parties to design and carve their own Geo-Pumpkins. The idea got a positive response, so +Lockwood DeWitt asked if I'd be willing to make it the topic for November's Accretionary Wedge geology blog carnival. This makes my geo-pumpkin challenge one of two simultaneous Halloween-related Wedge topics (the other being +Evelyn Mervine's brilliantly devised "Dress Barbie As A Geologist" theme: Evelyn is hosting October's Wedge with all entries due Nov. 1st. I will give you all an additional week to finish up your pumpkins, so all posts for November's Wedge will be due Nov. 7th.

Here's how you play: Design & carve your geologically themed pumpkin. Take a picture of it, then share it with the world in one of three ways: 1) If you have a blog, write a post and send a link to me so that I know you've entered a picture. 2) Google+ users can post their photo on G+ and tag me in the post. 3) Twitter users can tweet their photos to @UncoveredEarth. If you choose one of the last two options, your photos will also be posted on my blog for the world to enjoy.

Have fun, be creative & get those pictures to me by November 7th!
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