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More of this kind of thing on April Fools, please!
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"Not Today!" Nod to Game of Thrones?
Professor turned out to be the real hero! Felicitación! it...& how cool is the prof at the end!!!
that's amazing and im to stupid to get what the teacher did
Really you thought that was great! April fools maybe...April fooled nope.
tht would be hilarious if that happened in my class
true but if that happened in ur class wouldn't u laugh?
Unfortunately: in many places all of the participants would be arrested for: (A) waving dangerous pointy-things in public; (B) being racially insensitive for stereotyping an African-American as the thief; (C) offending Hispanic culture with fake mariachis; and (D) wearing disguises (mustaches) in public with the intent to conceal their identity. Not to worry though, the class subjected to all this trauma would be inundated with counselors who would help them through all the emotional upset this incident has inflicted!
What did the prof write on the board?
Very cool!
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