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Michael Kimpton
Wanna be entrepreneur with a passion for online and marketing
Wanna be entrepreneur with a passion for online and marketing

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Microsofts new development - real time translation for skype calls. They demo an English and German speaker on the call and Skype translating the call for them.

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A while ago I saw a little website dedicated to the idea of a building a phone that can be dynamically changed to suite the users requirements and one that would produce less waste. It would be easy to upgrade or fix when issues arise. The handset is a…

Updated my website to show my travels around the world. Thought it looked pretty exciting.

#ProjectLoon  whats your thoughts? I'm not sold on the idea. How is it going to help people in North Korea access the internet if they still need the hardware to connect.

Recently started evaluating some deployment tools. I'm looking at BeanStalk App. Looks pretty good, but I'm stuck on version control for my database. Any ideas?

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Follow me on Twitter @sketchthat- See the top 10 mistakes people are making on Twitter

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The battle between quantity vs quality; how much content should you create.

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Without Strategic Objectives, all that Great Content is just Fluff

Want to produce fluffly content. Easy just start creating content without strategic objectives

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