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An invitation for change
An invitation for change

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SOHO - European Training Course for EVS Support People

Training Course, 9-13 May 2017 | Latvia

SOHO aims at enhancing quality of EVS projects through development of essential competences of support persons. It also provides up-to-date information to its participants on the opportunities given by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

The overall aim of the SOHO training course is:
• To increase the quality of EVS activities through development of competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of key actors involved in the support system around the volunteer in the EVS projects developed within the frame of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

The specific objectives of the SOHO course are:
• To get a better understanding of the concept of EVS as “learning service” and related quality aspects in EVS
• To improve the ability for co-operation and working in international partnership
• To reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges within the EVS volunteer support system
• To raise awareness of the learning dimension in EVS and provide tools for learning support
• To support the recognition of non-formal learning in EVS through the competent implementation of Youthpass
• To provide up-to-date information about the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

In addition to this, SOHO training is an excellent opportunity for EVS support persons to exchange their experiences, share good practices and for informal partnership building. All previous SOHO participants are most welcome to join the SOHO community at thus continuing networking after the course.

The network of National Agencies for Erasmus+: Youth in Action organises a series of SOHOs each year. You'll find an overview on all the upcoming SOHOs at

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Free Waves: Educational Tools for Short & long term EVS

The Toolkit was created during the short term EVS project Free Waves,which took place in Ommen, Netherlands between Spring-Summer 2016.Project was organized by Olde Vechte Foundation.It is an educational tool for working with young people in EVS programs.

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Mit dem Projekt "Interkulturell sensible Berufsorientierung" auf der 6. Jahrestagung des Berufsorientierungsprogramms

#bop #bibb #kiik #iksbo 

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The importance of a mentor

Mentors see something in you, that you are not able to see yourself.

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4 Signs You Have A Dead End Volunteer Project (And How to Handle it)

Just found this one.

Listening to stories of volunteers, I think
disorganisation and lack of focus is a big issue, which often comes hand in hand in the absence of a leader in the project. Both results often in downtime: Nothing to do, sitting around in the office, etc.

Too many photo options I also see, but more from the side of the volunteer, when s/he decides the EVS is more about country and people and less about work and serve.

How about you? What problems are your volunteers facing?
And how did you help them?

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Hello everybody!

I will make a start. My name is Michael. I come originally from Germany, and for 16 years now, I am living in Poznan, Poland.

My first contact with international voluntary work was with Service Civil International (SCI), a workcamp organisation. The idea of working and living together in an interculturally mixed group was fascinating and inspiring from its very beginning and this spark never left me.

From workcamps and carrying out trainings for workcamp coordinators, the step to EVS was a short one. I started with the programme. so together with EVS I celebrate 20 years of being involved now.

Mostly I am working with volunteers in the so called support cycle: preperations seminars, on-arrival trainings and mid-term meetings. Apart from this I carried out seminars for organisations, coordinators and mentors to support them in their work with mentors. My passion for solution-oriented coaching then led to the idea to combine mentoring and coaching into one. And, well, that brought me right here...

If I am not doing trainings, I spend most of the time with my family. My two kids keep my busy. And if there is some time left, I go out an run!

How about you?
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