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A question: how are you feeling about remaining a football fan? Of course, I'm thinking about the death of Junior Seau, but there are more conclusive football suicides (think Dave Duerson, for example). Also, consider the life expectancy of a football player in general against the general population. Just something to think about, I suppose.
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His death is so sad. I don't think that being a professional football player is all that it's cracked up to be.
i think they know the chances they're taking when they make this choice. sort of like a boxer does.
edit: so yes, i'm still a football fan.
Not that kind of football fan. Unfortunately, we had family over and we were all watching the Tigers on Thanksgiving. And then you can add the Saints debacle to the discussion. The game is meant to be violent. If you want to play (or watch) you take your chances.
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