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Michael Kawula
CEO at Social Quant (Social Media Startup tool used for Twitter) ★ Entrepreneur ★ Author ★ Inc. 500 Alum ★ Marketing Nut
CEO at Social Quant (Social Media Startup tool used for Twitter) ★ Entrepreneur ★ Author ★ Inc. 500 Alum ★ Marketing Nut

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BIG GOAL to help 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs Earn $100,000 or More, in their Business

AppSumo has an aggressive goal, but I've got to tell you I think they'll blow through it because their email is one of my favorite emails I get for so many reasons.

The obvious is their deals. They can make any entrepreneur salivate, as they know how to get you the best price.

The other reason I love their email is they're truly one of the best copywriters in the WORLD and Copy is King in my opinion.

I know many say content is king, but honestly, if your content is great but the copy sucks....well you're not going to get many eyeballs to it.

As an entrepreneur you should always reverse engineer the best in the industry and if you read their emails regularly, you can learn so much.

Check out our new post today and leave a comment with your thoughts. Do you currently get their email, what do you think?

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3 tips that will make your morning more Productive as an Entrepreneur

JLD is a master at GSD and has had some tremendous success over the last 4 years in multiple projects.

How does he get so much done and still live a great life as an Entrepreneur?

We interviewed John this week and he shared some pretty cool tips that I know you'll love as an entrepreneur.

Check it out and you can also enter to win his "No Brainer KickStarter Package" ($39 value), as we're giving some away.

#entrepreneur #kickstarter #crowdfunding #business #Startup #podcast #productivity #productive 

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When the Tweeting Goddess speaks, we listen and I recommend you should also.

Today’s blog post is brought to you by Samantha Kelly (aka. @TweetingGoddess)

9 Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

Samantha sprinkles Twitter Magic everywhere she goes, is a Ted X Speaker and an amazing entrepreneur who I’m happy to have gotten to know over the last year.

Today she shares her knowledge on common mistakes many make (without even knowing) on Twitter.

I particularly like her last tip on getting involved in Controversy (this applies also on Facebook IMO)

Please show the Tweeting Goddess some love and leave her a comment with your favorite tip she shared.
#Twitter #TwitterMarketing #SMM #SocialMediaMarketing
#Startup #Business #Marketing

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Building a Brand: How to Tell a Powerful Brand Story

A good brand story can lead a potential customer to pick your business over one of your competitors.

Telling your brand story is also an excellent way to build trust and remind people that your business is run by real humans, not robots.

That’s today’s topic of our new blog post:

Building a Brand: How to Tell a Powerful Brand Story

These days, nobody is paying attention to your brand unless you show them why your offering is going to change their life.

It’s not about the product, it’s about the meaning behind it.

That’s your brand story.

In today’s new blog post we’re going to show you 6 easy ways to build your brand so customers pick your business over your competitors.

#Startup #Business #Branding #Entrepreneur

Honorable Mentions:
+Bernadette Jiwa +Tailopez +Ann Handley +Ahna Hendrix +Darren Rowse +Jeff Bullas via +Aaron Lee

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New Twitter Analytics [Just Released - This is Big]

This is the Data, for the First Time Ever, You Should Really be Looking At Today

What isn’t measured doesn’t grow.

I strongly believe in this idea and practice it daily with every business I’ve been a part of, including Social Quant.

Besides Google, Twitter is our top traffic provider to our website and so we’re constantly measuring what works and what to change.

As a marketer, entrepreneur or business owner, one data point you should look at from Twitter is what tweets are driving the most “Link Clicks.”

Retweets and favorites are nice, but those are vanity metrics. We need to measure metrics that matter as a true entrepreneur who wants to survive and thrive.

This isn’t easy to find via Twitter analytics.

It requires you either to look at each individual tweet’s analytics or download an excel spreadsheet from Twitter analytics and doing a bunch of sorting (no thank you).

There are companies that provide this data, but really they aren’t affordable for the everyday entrepreneur who needs to be measuring this.

But when you have an itch as an entrepreneur, what do you do? Scratch it. That’s where we come in.

Super excited and proud to introduce:

Phase 1 of Twitter Analytics powered by Social Quant
#contentmarketing #twitter #smm #socialmedia #twittermarketing

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Should you use 2 vs. 3 hashtags on Twitter

Here's which wins after analyzing 1 billion tweets:

We’ve connected well over 15,000,000 people and have analyzed well over 1 BILLION Tweets.

In today’s blog post we review:

> The difference in clicks for those who Tweet 80 times a day verse 14
> The difference in the number of clicks, retweets and impressions you’ll have on average when using 1, 2, 3 or more hashtags

This data will shock you, but the data doesn’t lie.

Leave a comment after reading and let us know your thoughts.
#Twitter #Twittermarketing #Contentmarketing #marketing #socialmedia #smm #business #socialmediamarketing 

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Cool Way to Schedule Tweets Easily with Video

I took part with 35 experts recently to share our Social Media Marketing predictions for 2017 and one thing was constant among us all…. video will ROCK 2017!

For many that follow a re-queue strategy of sharing great content frequently on Twitter, video can be a challenge with some social share sites, until now.

Here’s some pretty interesting stats about video from Twitter:

> Those that share video on Twitter see: 2.5X more replies, 2.8X more Retweets and 1.9X more Favorites (WOW)

> People also turn to Twitter to be in the know. In fact, Twitter users are 25% more likely than the average consumer to discover video first among their friends.

> Less than 20% of consumers watch a video they discover on YouTube (most search for what they’re looking for). However, most Twitter users (70%) say they mostly watch videos that they discover in their timelines.

Bottom line, video is an awesome way to share stories, peak curiosity and ultimately drive action.

Click here to watch this quick Video:

#Twitter #Marketing #Twittermarketing #videotip #SMM #Startup #Entrepreneur #BizTip

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Lead Gen: How to Create a Powerful Lead Magnet on Twitter

Lead generation is a system of getting qualified prospects into your sales funnel.

I get asked all the time how one can convert an actual Twitter follower into a business lead?

That’s what we cover in today’s newest blog post:

Lead Generation: How to Create a Powerful Lead Magnet on Twitter

In this new post Aaron share’s several tips you can use like:

> How to use Buzzsumo to guarantee a perfect lead magnet offer
> Where exactly to display your lead magnet in your Bio & Header
> Why you should mix up the copy of your lead magnet
> How to position your pinned Tweet
> Using a Twitter campaign to promote a lead magnet
> Yes, several additional “Pro-Tips”

Special shoutouts to +BuzzSumo +Viveka von Rosen +Ann Handley  +Donna Moritz +Canva +Leonard Kim +Jeff Goins 

Thanks for another great post +Aaron Lee 

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Aaron Lee has been invited to conferences, featured in books, and even been on Mashable, all from his Tweets

Other than having perfect hair (read his Twitter bio), Aaron is one amazing dude and has had huge success from Twitter.

How did he get all this just from Tweeting you ask?

Today, Aaron shares 10 tips on How to Use Twitter to Easily Reach a Huge Audience

He'll share with you tons of tips like:

1) How +Diana Adams utilizes Twitter amazingly showcasing her personal side and how you can also.

2) How to use Images creatively to drive curiosity like +Brian Honigman 

3) How personal branding expert +Leonard Kim has gotten tons of exposure and leads just from Pinning a Tweet.

4) How using both Twitter's free analytics tool, along with +Buffer offers the perfect combination to equip you with data to measure and improve your results.

5) How +Marsha Collier and +Buffer both actively engage their community and thank them for sharing. It's those little things and watch how they both do it consistently.

Tons of other great tips, examples and an amazing Infographic put together by +David Boutin 

Let us know your thoughts!
#twitter   #twittermarketing   #contentmarketing   #inboundmarketing   #entrepreneur   #business   #startup  

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Can you really drive sales in just 140 Characters

You may think Twitter isn’t the easiest platform to understand, and I tend to agree with you.

But here's the thing.....

You're probably spending AT-LEAST 27 cents per click on Facebook, according to +AdEspresso to get website traffic.

I'm going to show you how you can do that for FREE on Twitter and how you can send massive traffic.

Today I'll go over 14 ways to drive sales from Twitter

More importantly I'll share with you every day entrepreneurs, like you, who after working with me for free in my Facebook group for just 14 days were able to drive massive results.

You'll hear about guys like Peter Wheaton, who got $10,000 in sales from Twitter before the 14 days were even up

I'll promise you this, after reading today's post, you'll see why Twitter is amazing and how you can start benefiting immediately.

Click Here to read the Post and please leave a comment to let me know what you think:
#contentmarketing   #business   #businesstips   #twitter   #twittertips   #twittermarketing   #startup  
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