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Michael Kawula
CEO at Social Quant (Social Media Startup tool used for Twitter) ★ Entrepreneur ★ Author ★ Inc. 500 Alum ★ Marketing Nut
CEO at Social Quant (Social Media Startup tool used for Twitter) ★ Entrepreneur ★ Author ★ Inc. 500 Alum ★ Marketing Nut


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I want to share with you an amazing story, to inspire you on how to utilize YouTube for business success

I met Kelly two years ago when she was working for the Investment firm that backed Social Quant (we love you AMCI).
Kelly, left AMCI, but we kept in touch.
She reached out a few months ago, with her boyfriend Nick, to ask for some advice.
I kindly accepted. (Who would say no to a sunset sail in exchange for marketing advice?!)

I invited 2 other entrepreneurial friends aboard this sunset cruise to share ideas with Nick and Kelly (you may remember one of them, Kimberly Jimenez, from a previous Social Quant post on Facebook ad success).
The night was great and so many amazing ideas were discussed.
Nick & Kelly though devoured every bit of wisdom they could and just a few months later are launched and having major success.
I’m excited to see what they’ll do with this business.

I know it’ll be just as beautiful as the sunset I saw aboard the boat.
Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions.

Link to today’s post is in the comments (if you don’t know why, read last week’s blog post on a nifty LinkedIn hack)
#Youtube #Youtuber #Video #Blogger #Contentmarketing #marketing #videomarketing #business #SMM
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SEO isn’t the easiest thing in the world, far from it

BUT it’s really not as hard as it seems

Here's a quick tutorial post, we’ll break down 5 things to do right away with SEMRush to hit the ground running and get the most.

Then we’ll wrap up with three simple on-page SEO tips you can use right away.

#blog #blogger #blogging #contentmarketing #business #entrepreneur #startup #SEO
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Traffic to a crap landing page, does you and your business no good

Today Aaron Lee shares what makes a good landing page and how Leadpages makes it easier.

I'm a huge fan of Clay Collins, founder of Leadpages. I remember 2012 watching his YouTube Marketing tips on a show called "The Marketing Show"

I'd soak in the marketing tips and my little daughter at the time would watch his funny videos giggling.

In only 5 years it's grown to 40,000 users and 1,000,000 visits a day.

This guy knows MARKETING and Landing Pages!!!

#marketing #digitalmarketing #internetmarketing #sales #business #startup #website #branding #growthhacking
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+Classy Career Girl "Anna Runyan" went from only getting 10-20 opt ins per day to 400+ PER DAY

Her traffic also went from 100,000 to 500,000 page views per month


Pinterest and here's her 10 Hacks that you can use TODAY

#Pinterest #Growthhacking #DigitalMarketing #InternetMarketing #SMM #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing
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How Buffer rocks customer acquisition and retention

Buffer does not only an amazing job at acquiring new customers (look at how fast they've grown) but they also do an amazing job at keeping customers around forever.

I've been a big fan personally of the way Buffer handles customer support and always doing +1 (going the extra mile)

Today Aaron Lee goes over +Buffer model, what they do amazingly and what you can replicate as an entrepreneur for faster growth.

#customerservice #entrepreneur #business #smallbiz #smallbusiness #startup #marketing #Digitalmarketing #SMM #socialmedia
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Do You Have BAM

If you have BAM, that's all you need (the rest we can show you).

This is HUGE and let me share this with you today....

Why Every Solopreneur Should Succeed (And Why Most Don’t)

What is BAM you ask?
> Brain: knows a lot about a niche (no need to be “brainy”)
> Attitude: positive, optimistic, excited
> Motivation: high level of determination

If you have this, the rest of what it takes to succeed as a solopreneur/entrepreneur can be taught.

I’m so excited to share with you our latest post from Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell and the top authority in the world on enabling "everyday people" to build profitable online businesses.

Ken’s post – Why Every Solopreneur Should Succeed (And Why Most Don’t) – is a must read for every solopreneur and reads more like a short e-book than a typical blog post.

It’s NOT a hodgepodge of tips and advice to get you jazzed about some fad or chasing the newest shiny marketing tool.

It IS an invaluable resource that will fundamentally change the way you think about your online business.

Ken is also giving away a 3-year membership to Solo Build It! ($997 value)

In my honest opinion, Ken is a genius when it comes to entrepreneurship and has an amazing entrepreneurial history of success in various businesses.

I’ve respected getting to know Ken the last 2 years here at Social Quant and his advice has been some of the best I’ve received (so I know you’ll love this 8500+ document you’ll treasure from him).

Click Here to Read his Advice and please leave me a comment after reviewing to share your opinion on what he has to say.

#solopreneur #blogger #blogging #contentmarketing #startup #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #smallbiz
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7 Powerful Online Copywriting Hacks You Need to Know

If your online copywriting is poor, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your marketing is – you’ll get no traffic or sales without great copy.

Today +Sheena White shares 7 tips on how to write copy that not only drives clicks, but drives sales.

Love the examples of +noah kagan home page and how even his podcast titles are crafted well. Also check out the example of +Andrea Vahl FBInfluence page and what they do so well, that you also can use immediately for your business.

These 7 strategies will drive results immediately....let me know what you think :)

#contentmarketing #internetmarketing #digitalmarketing #smm #Socialmedia #blogger #marketing
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Welcome Mat Converting 8%

Month after month Social Quant's welcome mat converts 8% on average for new traffic coming from Twitter.

Today we discuss all the great features of Sumo, examples of some of the best marketers using this tool and how we're giving away a FREE year of it.

This tool has made all the difference in Social Quant's business and I know it can in yours also.

#Blogger #blogging #blog #contentmarketing #marketing #digitalmarketing #internetmarketing #startup #entrepreneur #business
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Step by step how to build relationships on Social Media

Agorapulse is an amazing tool and today Aaron Lee shared how to use this tool to build AMAZING relationships for your business.

They have so many great features, but you'll see the ones today that can move the dial rapidly. Plus....we're giving away a YEAR for FREE.

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #smm #communitymanager #entrepreneur #marketing #business #startup
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Most Small Business Branding Sucks (Here’s How to Fix It)

Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin all said yes to interviews by Nathan Chan, founder of...yes Foundrmag, a relatively new business.

Why would these entrepreneurial influencers say yes?

Today Nathan shares how he did it and how you can also within your business niche!!!!!

#Business #Branding #ContentMarketing #Entrepreneur #Socialmedia #digitalmarketing #internetmarketing #blogging #blogger
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